21 May 2012

Sure Maximum Protection Passes The Grey Challenge - Thumbs Up!

This weekend I was invited to take part in an exercise class with a difference - a high energy zumba session that was also a chance to put Sure Maximum Protection through its paces.
I hadn't tried this particular brand of deodorant before - it’s a twist-up cream that I lashed on after my shower the morning of the class. Had I bothered to read the box, I'd have seen that this isn't actually what you're advised to do with the product - it's intended for use at night before bed, giving the anti-perspirant time to get to work on your sweat glands before you get up in the morning.
So it was with some trepidation that I set about lepping and stomping and high kicking my way through the zumba class. We'd also been sent a grey tshirt to wear, so any sweaty betty incidents would really stand out and it would be totally obvious that I can't even apply deodorant in the correct fashion...
But I needn't have worried. Despite a pretty hardcore session - which was also brilliant craic - and despite not having worn the product overnight or in the recommended way, Sure Maximum Protection still came through for me. I didn't show myself up by sweating through my grey tshirt and I was able to get changed and head for a lovely lunch with the rest of the group, without worrying I'd be putting them off their food!  
Sure Maximum Protection is pretty much the bomb and if you're any sort of athlete, gym bunny or sports enthusiast then this will make your life a whole lot easier. Thumbs up!

This comes in three varieties - confident, regular and sensitive. The RRP is €6.87.
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