17 May 2012

Lilac Charm from Maybelline's Forever Strong Pro Porcelain Collection Gives Amazing Wear Time, Even On My Rubbish Chip-Prone Nails!

Leaving everything else to one side, I've been blown away by the wear time of Lilac Charm, the first polish I've tried from Maybelline's latest collection, Forever Strong Pro Porcelain.
The press release that arrived with my bottle focuses exclusively on the shade range and doesn't even mention formula or wear time, so this has taken me by complete surprise and exceeded all of my expectations. Don't you love it when that happens?!

These pictures were taken after five days wear and the polish is perfect. Today it's been on my fingers for SEVEN DAYS and there's just a little bit of tipwear on one or two nails. And I'm not even wearing an anti-chip topcoat, just a fast drying one, so this is all down to Lilac Charm's incredible tenacity and staying power.
These are out now, and they're €5.99. There are four other 'sugared almond' shades in the collection, and I plan to collect them all.
If you've tried these, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER?!
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