30 May 2012

Latest Impulse Buys, from Topshop and Oasis. Have you splurged lately?

We’re enjoying some uncharacteristically sunny weather here in Ireland. I find that when the temperature rises, inhibitions fall, leading to just one thing... shopping! Keep reading for my latest impulse buys, triggered by sunny lunchtime strolls around the highstreet.

Impulse buy or not, I can't tell you how much I love these tan Topshop Houpla sandals, €27. They’re chic, classic, comfortable and  100% leather, too, so they seem like pretty decent quality. I was happy with the price until I made the mistake of looking at this link and realised that the sterling/euro conversion is out of whack, again. That’s impulse buying for ya.

My regular day-bags are all black or grey, colours that look too heavy in the heat. So I also picked up this Wei-Hai shopper, €50 from Oasis, in a lovely blush tinged mink shade.  It seems to be named after a Chinese city which is slightly confusing, but hey, I guess they have to call it something. It’s not leather so I’m not sure how it will wear – I’m pretty hard on bags, and tend to wear them to death – but it does seem pretty sturdy. It’s also big enough for me to carry on my tradition of carrying around a million useless things with me on a day-to-day basis.

Have you picked up anything on the highstreet lately?
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