24 April 2012

Products for Pregnancy: Human+Kind, BioOil, Jason and Organique - Tried and Tested by a Mum-To-Be

Something a bit different for you today: a guest post from a beautiful mum-to-be. If you know any expectant mothers, point 'em this way!

Meet El, today's guest reviewer!

"Getting pregnant is amazing but as your body cleverly grows to accommodate your little baby, one thing you don’t want to be left looking at at the end of it all is stretch marks. Whilst your new son or daughter will probably think about leaving home at around the age of 18, stretch marks, I'm told, can be for life!

Olive oil is a home remedy that had been recommended to me and in theory it should work as it contains vitamins A, D and E. However, if you're reluctant to smell like a basted turkey there are lots of other products out there to try.

Human+Kind all-in-one body oil (RRP €14.95 including worldwide shipping)

This claims to be a multi-tasker that will hydrate, tone and rejuvenate your skin. True to its description, the oil is very lightweight so there is no need to wash your hands after using it- just rub it in. It’s easily absorbed and has a pleasant, sweet and nutty smell. It warms nicely during application and you can feel very smug and right on using this product too as it’s Irish (doing your bit for the economy) and claims to be 96.2 per cent natural with another 3.8 per cent of the ingredients being naturally derived.
Bio Oil (RRP €10.99)

This has a much longer list of ingredients (over 30 compared to human+kind's 6) and is probably one of the most heavily advertised products aimed at preventing scars and stretch marks. Bio Oil says its secret ingredient is PurCellin Oil which reduces the thickness of the oil making it more easily absorbed. I didn't find a big difference between the absorption of this and the human+kind product but it does feel somehow more luxurious. I love the orange colour and the warming smell of rosemary and the comforting aroma of lavender. It also contains chamomile and calendula oils- both known for their healing and soothing properties. Overall it is a product you would look forward to applying each morning and night.
Jason Vitamin E 32,000 therapy oil (RRP €11.13)
The same cannot be said for Jason- a strangely named extra-strength vitamin E 32,000 i.u. therapy oil formulated to target scars and stretch marks. It's marketed as a product to get you bikini ready with celebrity fans said to include Reese Witherspoon and Stella McCartney, but the particular type I tried could only be used on just a small area of your body. The 30ml bottle comes with a spatula for application which is just as well as the product is very sticky, like clear honey, and forms a tacky coating that stays oily to the touch. The company also have a less concentrated formula which I suspect would be more easy to apply on a wider area.

But all is not lost -  rather than applying it to the stretch marks I don't yet have, I’ve been concentrating its use on a scar I have on my belly button thanks to minor keyhole surgery. It's early days yet but I have to say that the scar is now looking a little less red and protruding, even as my growing stomach gradually turns my belly button from an innie to an outie. The product doesn't have a smell and isn't easy to apply but I can't help thinking that, like a healthy food or medicine that doesn't taste nice, it must really work and be good for you!

Organique Body Butter (RRP €36)
The final product I've been trying is from Organique, which is new to Ireland. It's a body butter rather than an oil so I'm not really comparing like with like. It's pricey compared to the other products but I think this is my favourite product overall. It contains shea butter-  well known for softening the skin - and is part of the Lychee and Goat's Milk range which is targeted at pregnant women. The combination of those ingredients may sound a little strange, especially if you're in the queasy stages of early pregnancy, but they work well together. The lychee provides a light and delicious scent and the goat's milk is really silky and soothing. It is great to use around the breast area which can feel very sensitive during pregnancy and is also fantastic for cooling your legs if you've been on your feet all day with some added weight. The problem is it’s so nice it’s tempting to use it all up too quickly

So hopefully that's the stretch marks sorted - all I have to worry about now is labour and the 18 years of bringing up baby..."

Any further recommendations for mums-to-be? Share them in the comments!


Adele said...

Great review!
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

Thanks for the tips Emma - will keep them in mind if I ever need them :)

Great review as always.


SaraK said...

I swear by Bio oil. I used nothing during both pregnancies (stupidly) but In the aftermath it worked and reduced and fixed everything. I also use it once a week on my wrinkles and find it helps. it's a little oily for the face but occasional use is the business. I love the smell ...

brilliant and really useful article. don't much fancy the sticky stuff though. I like my potions to melt in to the skin

Alexandra said...

I've heard of bio oil for stretch marks before, but have never heard of olive oil! Makes sense, really it's just anything super moisturizing I guess!

Alexandra xo


gemma said...

I am preggers and will be searching out this organique stuff asap!!! Gr8 post thanx

gemma said...

I am preggers and will be searching out this organique stuff asap!!! Gr8 post thanx

Roxy said...

Great guest post, not planning to start a family anytime soon but nice to know!

fluff and fripperies said...

Great post - thanks El!

And Sara, you used nothing?! What happened to that fancy Clarins oil I bought you?!?

SaraK said...

(I'm saying this in brackets cause its just a whisper then and noone else hears it right? I used the lovely Clarins stuff on my boobs. and it worked wonders Remmm - they went to three times their size, then rapid weight loss down to a 30D and then up another two sizes - and not a stretchy mark in sight. down to you and yer potions my love. i never put it on my belly though - was such a dinky bottle and my belly was so vast .... :p I've a cracking set two babies down. ta lass x)

Mandy said...

I am not and have never been pregnant but I use biooil as my everyday body moisturiser!!!

Johanna said...

Great product review...I've been meaning to try Bio oil!

Yuliya ♥ said...

Great pocs :)

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