18 April 2012

Made in Ireland: Rockstar Tan

That travel size came in very handy when coming away with me this weekend!

Rockstar Tan, created by former Fair City actress Rachel Kavanagh, has been raking in awards across the board. I was offered the chance to find out why and, as a self tanning novice, took the easy option with Fame, the brand's Instant Mineral Wash Off Tan.

Fame is a mineral tan that, like all products in the Rockstar range,  is suitable for both the face and body and made with natural, organic and skin nurturing ingredients. This weekend's wedding was the perfect chance to put it through its paces.
Despite squeezing out alarmingly dark, it gives a lovely medium tan that looked natural and, using the Rockstar Tanning Mitt, was exceptionally easy to apply: slapdash is my middle name, and I ended up with an even, streak free finish. It's water resistant and stayed put until I washed it off with soap the next morning.

The only downside was that I noticed a little bit of colour transfer to the inside of my dress - it was perhaps more obvious because I was wearing a pale colour. But the outfit was heading to the dry cleaners anyway and when it came back, there was no sign of the tan.


The full Rockstar tan range

Overall,  I was really pleased and surprised by the ease and efficiency of this product; it will definitely be in my suitcase for my next holiday! And as of last month, the company introduced a price reduction across the board; the new prices are as follows:

·        Access All Areas Self Tan Spray 8oz: was €29.99 -now €24.95
·        Groupie Self Tan Mousse 8oz: was €29.99 – now €24.95
·        Entourage Gradual Tan 8oz: was €24.99 – now €21.95
·        Rehab - Tan Stain Remover 6.7oz: was €23.99 – now €19.95
·        Exposure - Protective Barrier Cream 6.7oz: was €23.99 – now €19.95
·        Fame – Instant Mineral Wash Off Tan 5oz: €19.95
·        Rockstar Tanning Mitt: €5.99

Find Rockstar Tan at Boots, selected pharmacies and their Online Shop, or check out their website, Twitter or Facebook page for more. And for more great Irish brands, make sure you check out the other posts in this series!


little t said...

I wanted to try this ages ago and never did! Thankfully don't need fake tan anymore- it was the bane of my life!

fluff and fripperies said...

T, I am hopeless with the stuff so I'm AMAZED at how well I got on with this! xo

SaraK said...

try some old school sun shimmer in matte or sparkly mrs. smells lovely, streak free and a buildable, natural beautiful tan. also lovely under foundation for a sun kissed healthy glow! AND you can buy four bottles for the price of the above!

FitznBitz said...

Have not tried this but am always happy to support Irish companies/products? Have you tried this and Karora? Wonder what are the main differences? They sound the same!

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

I am still 'afraid' of fake tans... it always ends badly for me. Your review really made me think about trying it out though

Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

Good for Rachel - I must try this.
Thanks for sharing Emma




CherrySue said...

Great review, yep, I'll definitely give it a whirl. Love to see Irish businesses flourishing x

fluff and fripperies said...

@FitznBitz, I've never tried Karora, do they do a wash off tan like this one? xo

Monica said...

Oh my god you have to try Karora new Instant Tan. It is the best out there in terms of coverage and it is Irish and organic! My fav one!

Eloquent English said...

I love a good self tanner!!! xoxo A-

CeeCee said...

I've been wondering were these any good..tan generally doesn't turn out that amazingly on me so if I have to i usually go with a bit of Rimmel Sunshimmer and find that quite good. I also like to use Irish products though so I'll definitely give this a go! :-)

Leslie said...

The only safe TAN! Love self tanners and can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing.


Alexandra said...

If anyone could use a bit of a tan right now it's me! I love the idea of using something mineral-based on my face too, I find it makes my skin feel much cleaner than other types of makeup!

Alexandra xo


fluff and fripperies said...

Will keep an eye out for Karora, love hearing about all these great Irish brands! xo

kristina said...

i am in desperate need of a tan for summer! this looks like such a great product, thanks for sharing!!

Jenna Hughes said...

looks like a cool product