14 April 2012

MAC Makeup: New Limited Edition Collection, Tres Cheek

I like a lot of MAC products but they've never been my favourite brand. However, my blush addiction continues unabated so I'm positively giddy about their latest Limited Edition collection, Tres Cheek. 

Six pretty colours - three pinks, a mandarin-red orange, a peach and a lavender (all listed below)– are on offer and they promise to be sheer but buildable. I'm heading away this weekend and look forward to swatching these in the airport and, hopefully, bringing at least one of these lovelies home in my suitcase! 
On counter this month for €21.50, the range includes:
  • Pink Tea- neutral beige pink (satin)
  • Lovecloud- bright mid-tone pink (satin)
  • Peony Petal- bright blue pink (satin)
  • Modern mandarin-red orange (satin)
  • Immortal flower- bright peach (satin)
  • Full of joy- lavender (frost)  
Will you be getting cheeky with MAC?


Makeup Over Mind said...

Not gonna lie Emma, I'm awful tempted...If I see them when I'm away next week I might have to grab one! Or at least swatch my hand into blusher oblivion! :)

Roxy said...

I'm really interested in modern mandarin, Immortal flower and full of joy!

Anonymous said...

I saw them at MAC counter in House of Fraser and had to walk away without looking in detail!! they look so pretty

E. said...

I had a good goo at these last night and while I thought I'd get Pink Tea and Lovecloud, maybe Full of Joy if I was feeling brave, probably not Peony Petal as I have similar (though more vivid) colours already, in the end I plumped for Immortal Flower! Lovecloud was pretty but just not that interesting, maybe a little too warm on me. I think I'll have another look at Full of Joy tho, bravery in the world of blusher should be embraced!

I would say if you're thinking Pink Tea have a look at Pink Cult which is repromoted this month in Reel Sexy. So pretty I'm thinking about getting a BU even though I've barely dented the one I already have from last year!

E. said...

Oh £14.85 in UK airports btw...

COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog said...

INCREDIBLY TEMPTING! But I have to avoid spending money, I haven't got any haha.


Kirstie said...

they're nice! I had a couple to test and they're quite sheer which I do like for daytime or those times when you don't want to be boscoed, and silky so I'd say you'll like 'em.

fluff and fripperies said...

They sound lovely Kirstie and Roxy, those are the exact three I'm interested in xo

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh what a great range of shades for spring!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

yiqin; said...

nice <3

Caroline said...

These look like a really nice range of shades! I'm always very tempted by mac!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

ElsaD said...

OK, I am far from expert when it comes to make up. Now, for me it's almost impossible to be able to get out a MAC store without buying anything! I LOVE IT! I'm sure it's about time before I get those blushes! xoxo

Nico Saich said...

peony petal sounds so lovely! cannot wait to try, I love blushers too