06 June 2012

First Look - LUSH Newbies!

We were delighted to receive this very fragrant parcel of Lush lovelies at Fluffy Towers recently. We’re going camping next month y'see, and these goodies will come in very handy indeed. They’d also be perfect for those of you who have plans to festival it up over the summer, so keep reading!

First up we have No Drought, the brand’s new dry shampoo. This is €8.50 and smells of lemonade. If you use dry shampoo to add volume or texture to your hair then this isn’t really the product for you – I’d stick to the Batiste. But if you’re worried about the effect of aerosol sprays on the environment, or you want a product that will cleanse greasy hair and absorb oil and dirt, then you’re on to a winner. This is a really heavy duty dry shampoo that’s been put firmly to one side for our camping trip.

As has this little tin of Godiva Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, €9.20. With no chemicals or preservatives, this is made from all natural ingredients like hibiscus extract, cocoa butter, coconut butter and shea butter.  It apparently doubles up as a salve for burnt scalps and sun damaged hair, too, and the little tin (it’s an extra €3) is light, portable and perfect for travelling.
I’ve also got a handy little pot of Ultrabalm (€11.25 for 40g) – Lush’s answer to Vaseline, or Eight Hour Cream. Ideal for those who want to steer clear of petroleum jelly, this is made with botanical waxes and jojoba oil to soften and salve.
Last but not least I was sent a tub of Colour Supplement in Light Yellow. I was intrigued by this ‘multipurpose base colour’ – it comes in five shades, all €9.95 for 20ml, and I wasn’t sure this was the one for my skin type. But it works well and I will be back with a full review and some pics of it on my mug at a later date.
Are you a Lush lover?
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