28 April 2012

Did you hear? Charlotte Free is the new face of Maybelline

If you haven’t already seen this, I recommend that you watch it immediately! P’trique, the face of the Shit Fashion Girls Say videos, spills the beans on the new face of Maybelline: the stunning 19-year-old model, Charlotte Free.

With her pink hair, green eyes and Debbie Harry vibe, Charlotte is possibly the coolest girl on the block and a great choice for the Maybelline brand. I’m such a fangirl, and clearly I’m not alone – Free has also just been announced as the new face of Forever 21's SS12 campaign, 'Love is Free' (check out the gorgeous imagery on the Fluff and Fripperies Facebook page).

Not bad for a girl who’s only been modelling a year, eh?


ArtDonatella said...

Whenever I hear of her I think of the shot with her licking her unshaved armpits, just eugh! But she is indeed a pretty girl :) x

Sarah Lanagan said...

Can't wait to see her campaigns for Forever 21 and Maybelline, SUCH a gorgeous girl!!!

betty said...

i think some people are just born to make it big in the industries !! well done to her at such young age !!

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Bonnie said...

She is really pretty. I love Maybelline foundation. It's my go-to!

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fluff and fripperies said...

ArtDonatella I actually really admire her stance on body hair and I don't think there's many who would turn her down, armpit hair or no armpit hair! xo

Andie Willows said...

i agree with bonnie - she is really pretty. thanks for sharing!

xoxo, andie
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Sootjeelina said...

So happy to hear this, she is so pretty! I lov eher hair

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Bravoe Runway said...

She is gorgeous and Maybelline made a great decision to select her!

little t said...

Ha ha, brilliant video.

And what a great face she is!

Roxy said...

Hilarious video!

Caroline said...

Haha I LOVE the shit fashion girls say videos!

Caroline x
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