24 March 2012

Y U No Follow Me?

I picked up this badge at a recent social media conference at National College of Ireland in Dublin, the excellent Measurement.ie, and I thought it would be a fun accompaniment to a wee post about the various places you can connect with Fluff and Fripperies.

As you may know, Google recently got rid of Google Friend Connect for blogs that aren’t hosted by (the Google owned) Blogspot. This has really affected a lot of blogs and you can read more about that, and check out or join a twitter list of affected bloggers, here.

Now, Fluff and Fripperies is hosted by Blogspot, but there are rumours that GFC may disappear altogether at some point. So I wanted to give y’all a few other options of staying in touch.  Hit me up:
  • Facebook (and there just might be a wee Facebook only giveaway coming up!)
And of course, for the time being anyway, you can still follow via Google Friend Connect (see under the Facebook box, in the column to the right.
So now, don’t be a stranger! And if you want me to check out your various sites and platforms, just leave ‘em in the comments below.  
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