22 March 2012

Reader Reviews: Roisin’s Hunt For The Perfect SPF Face Cream

As the sun looks like it might finally be ready to make an appearance, here's Fluff and Fripperies' reader Roisin on her quest for the perfect sunscreen...
“When I moved to Australia last July, finding a good facial moisturiser with a high sun protection factor (SPF) was high on my to-do list. I’ve been consciously trying to wear SPF containing moisturisers for a few years now, but the high UV index of Queensland makes it a daily essential to stop my pale skin from burning.

There are many SPF containing products on the shelves to choose from, but the challenge is finding one that is neither greasy nor sticky and that can be worn under make up. My first forays with the promisingly named Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock from Neutrogena resulted in shiny skin and an outbreak of spots, while the Ultrasun Face High SPF 30 left my skin feeling taut and a little tacky. I also later realised that it doesn’t filter UVB rays. Much better was UV Perfect by L’Oreal Paris which I picked up on a whim in a supermarket bargain basket.

More recently I’ve been using two products, (Fluide Extreme and Crème Fondante) from the Anthelios range by La Roche-Posay. Despite their SPF of 50, both are light and easily absorbed with no white residue. They do leave the skin with a slight sheen, but a healthy glow rather than an oily slick, and they lack the sticky finish of many other products. Of the two, the Fluide is as one might expect, thinner and more rapidly absorbed, but both are suitable for use as a make up base. My search for a daily sun protecting moisturiser is over.”

Do you wear SPF daily? What's working for you?
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