28 March 2012

Made in Ireland: The Handmade Soap Company

Fluff and Fripperies' latest post series, Made in Ireland, will feature some great Irish brands; last week, we took a look at the natural skincare line, Human+Kind, and this week I have another 100% natural, Irish-made range to tell you about, from The Handmade Soap Company.

It's the brainchild of former thatcher Donagh Quigley and his partner Gemma, who were feeling the effects of the economic downturn and on the hunt for a new business idea. It came to them on holiday, in the form of a brilliant bar of handmade soap, which led them on a journey to study soap production and a mission to  make 'the best bar of soap in the world'. 

In the early days everything was done from the couple's kitchen but as the company grew they moved production to a workshop in Kells, Co. Meath. The range now includes soaps, face creams, hand creams, shower gels, body butters, lip balms and more, all handmade using high-quality natural ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and with no sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals. 

The first collage shows my pictures of the moisturiser cream; this one shows some stock images of the brand, to give you a flavour of their product range. I haven't actually tried these ones myself.

The finishing touch is the gorgeous retro packaging: the product I was given is the Moisturising Cream for Oily and Combination Skin, and it comes in a heavy glass pot with vintage-style labelling. 

It's a lovely product, too: it feels quite rich but it's not too heavy for my skin, it's absorbed quickly and it also makes a great base for makeup. And it smells wonderful, really warm and inviting, thanks to ingredients like essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang and palmarosa. 

Prices range from €4.50 for a lip balm or soap, to €6.95 for a shower gel, €9.95 for bubble bath or up to €24.95 for a moisturiser. There's a full list of stockists on the company's website, and you can also buy online. Irish online beauty retailer, Cloud 10 Beauty, carry the range too.

Have you tried anything from The Handmade Soap Company, or are you tempted?
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