20 March 2012

Irish Beauty Show: What I Bought from Crown Brushes, OPI, Yes to Blueberries and Glitzy Lips!

I briefly mentioned the Irish Beauty Show last week when I told you about the hottest new trend for lips, Glitzy Lips. While it's primarily aimed at people working in the industry - think beauty therapists, hair stylists, spa and salon owners and nail technicians - the show is also a great opportunity to check out new product launches and innovations in the beauty industry. It's also a great chance to bag a bargain or two! 

So today I thought, if you're anywhere near as nosy as I am, you might like a wee look at what I picked up at the show. I could have done major damage to my bank account but it's been an expensive month, what with my birthday, a weekend away and a few other big nights out, so I was pretty restrained.

I couldn't resist the pull of the Crown Brushes stall, where I snapped up 4 brushes for €22*:

- 1836 Soft Fan / Acrylic Handle (€4.99 on the Crown Brush website), for loose powder or highlighter
- BK15 Oval Fluff (€2.83 on the site) for application over the lid
- C200 Deluxe Crease (€3.84 on the website) - for applying and blending in the crease or contour
- BK38 Deluxe Crease (€4.18 according to the Crown UK site) - intended for use as above, but I plan to use this one to set my under eye concealer with powder

*Hmm. My maths might be bad but I've just checked the prices on the Crown UK website and it looks like they saw me coming! Moving on...!

From the OPI stand I picked up a bunch of nail wheels (for swatching polishes), a mini topcoat and a pink glitter polish, Excuse Moi from the recent Muppets Collection.  I spent about a tenner here, with the glitter polish coming in at just €4.50 (as opposed to around €10). 

We then stumbled across some great skincare bargains from the 'Yes to...' range. My friend Eleanor stocked up on about a year's worth of skincare from the Yes to Carrots, Cucumber and Blueberries lines but I restricted myself to this Yes to Blueberries overnight hydrating cream, which was €3.75 - normally €22.99. 

And last, but not least, I bought the home application Glitzy Lips kit! I cannot wait to find an opportunity to wear this, and I'll report back just as soon as I do. 

Have you splurged lately? Go on, share it in the comments...

Thank you to Ellen and the team at Waxperts for the tickets!
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