08 March 2012

International Women's Day Fund-Raising Soap, from L'Occitane

Another great initiative for International Women’s Day, L’Occitane have brought out this fair trade soap, to fundraise for literacy centres for the women of Burkina Faso. There's a brilliant story behind this:  it was initiated by Barkissa, a woman from Burkina Faso, who made soaps to help her family. The L’Occitane teams came to know Barkissa and helped her to set up the Nununa Soap Factory, by providing her with the necessary materials and training. And it's this self-same factory that produces the Women's Day soap.
Each bar costs just €5, contains 52% shea butter and all proceeds go to the L’Occitane Foundation, to help fund the building of literacy centres for women in Burkina Faso (which is where the company have sourced their shea butter since 1982).

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