23 March 2012

Fluffy little pick of the week: Batiste Coconut & Exotic Tropical Dry Shampoo

What have I been DOING, wasting all that time and money on regular old Batiste when I coulda been spritzing my roots with this gorgeously scented variation, instead?! My friend Lola, a fellow dry shampoo advocate for all its volumising, texturising ways, whipped this out of her bag the other weekend and, after one sniff, I was hooked. This stuff is just divine. It smells like every other wonderful coconutty product you’ve ever encountered, which is to say, about a million miles better than any other dry shampoo scent you've ever encountered. I am in love. Oh, and it’s cheap as chips, too!
What's your favourite variety of dry shampoo, if you use it? Tell me in the comments!
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