05 March 2012

Bling from the Look Magazine Beauty Line Is My New Favourite Nail Polish! What's yours?

Bling layered over Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch - sparkly!

See, I told you I have a weakness for great glitters! I was so instantly enamoured with this pretty polish that I slapped it on just minutes after purchasing it. This lovely rose gold shade is called Bling, and is part of Look Magazine's makeup range (yep, really! Check out this post for the lowdown and to see what else I bought when I was back in Scotland recently).

I popped it on in the backseat of the car, over my existing polish - Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch (I'll devote a post to that beauty very soon). They're not an obvious combination, but I liked how it turned out.

Next time I'm in the UK I'll be stocking up on more from the Look beauty line. Lots, lots more!

What's your current favourite nail polish? Enable me, in the comments!

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