20 February 2012

Stuff I Heart: Nude Gloss

I've featured a lot of bright lipstick shades on this blog but they don't really give an accurate reflection of my makeup bag. While I love a bold lip, I'll always have a particular weakness for a great nude gloss and they're by far the most common lip product in my collection. 

There's something so versatile about a pretty nudey/beigey/pinky shine - it's a look that works just as well with  tinted moisturiser and a touch of mascara as it does with a full face of makeup and a dramatic smokey eye. 

The great thing about gloss is you really don't have to spend a fortune to find a good one. Budget brands like Essence and Catrice are brilliant, and ones from Rimmel, Bourjois and Barry M are also great quality. But if you are looking to treat yourself or have a birthday coming up, then the YSL golden glosses are really something special. 

These two are probably my favourite, from opposite ends of the price spectrum! Barry M lipgloss in Toffee, and YSL Golden Gloss in #31
The ones pictured are just the tip of the iceberg - there are plenty more knocking about in various handbags, coat pockets and drawers.

But from the top you can see Lip Fusion gloss in Glow, Barry M lipgloss in Toffee, Ciate lipgloss in St Barts, three Lancome juicy tubes (Pampelmousse, and two mini tubes with no name ), a lippin' large lip plumper from NYC (in, I think, Pink Champagne), Essence xxxl lipgloss in Nude Kiss, YSL golden gloss in #31 and lip glass in Oyster.

There are also two lip creams which snuck in there somehow, Collection 2000's Cream Puff in Powder Puff and Bourjois lipcream in Rose Veloute.  

Do you like a good nude gloss? What's your go-to lip product?


little t said...

Me too- my default lip is a MAC lipstick called Myth and a clear gloss over the top!

CherrySue said...

Great stash!

Yep, nude glosses are my weakness, I picked up Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Naked this weekend because of the sample in Naked 2.

It's officially my favourite nudey gloss. Already.

Karen said...

Great minds E! I am a hooooooge nudey gloss fan too, I love being able to slap it on without having to be really careful, that YSL one looks fab, x

jimmi lou said...

What a collection you have! I have been more of a lipstick person the last few years but I'm starting to lean back towards a glossy finish! I have a really nice Nude No. 7 lipstick that I pretty much wear most days, however today I went for a bright colour and boy am I paying, its permanently stained my lips!

Adele said...

I have the YSL gloss...nearly out of it now!
Happy Monday xoxo

Caren Kennedy said...

Nothing - and I mean nothing - beats Sexy Mother Pucker's Pink Apricot in my book.

SweetLikeJelly said...

I'm more of a lipstick girl myself but will keep that YSL recommendation in mind!

Sunshine Rose said...

I like a good nude gloss myself but I do prefer them to have at least a slight pinky or coral tint. If it's too nude it just won't suit me!

MakeupOverMind said...

I'm probably more partial to a nude gloss than any other kind. I tend not to get 'bright glosses' as they wear off so easily. If I'm going 'bright' it means I'm doing it hand-in-hand with a reliable lippie!

fluff and fripperies said...

@Caren, I've never tried that gloss, will add it to my list! xo

Emma said...

Wow! That's some collection. Although I have to say you are never going to go wrong with a nude lipgloss! My current favourites are Benefit's Nudie-tude and clarins instant natural light lip perfector is gorgeous and their colour quench lip gloss/balm things are amazing too and really moisturising!

Emma x

fluff and fripperies said...

Love both those Clarins products Emma! xo

Simone said...

Like it? Love it!
My go-to nude gloss is from Chanel Nr 148.


Kerry said...

Now, this is a post right up my street! Nude lip gloss is my safety net, and I tend to wear a nude gloss every day. My current favourite is a clinique one called Air Kiss, which is a very slightly pink-nude. love it!


Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog xxx

Cabootique said...

I love a good nude gloss! That's usually my every day go-to. I envy your collection, though :)

YourBeauty said...

Yep, love the whole nude lip look too. Its so easy, apply and go.

Rina said...

nude glosses are my fave!
love this pos so much :)

just found your blog through blog hop
would love it if you check out mine too and maybe we could follow each other? Would love it if we could xx


TbateBeauty said...

Wow that's a lot of lipgloss. I am a new follower. Found you on Blog Hop. http://tbatebeauty.blogspot.com/ xx

Lija said...

I love nude lips! Fab collection!
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Follow and I'll follow back x

es-jay said...

Just found your blog on the blog hop! lovely blog, i'm now a follower and I'm loving your nudes collection. You can never have enough nudes if u ask me! :D


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Joanne said...

Wow so many nude glosses! :))

Found you through Blog Hop. Hope you visit my blog and maybe follow back too.

Victoria said...

Fab collection! Nude glosses just go with everything don't they and they are so easy to just pop on.

Emmy said...

I'm obsessed with nude glosses too! You can never go wrong with them:) You've got a great collection there...

BlogLoveTherapy said...

I love nude lip gloss. I agree, they are very versatile.

Found you through the blog hop. Thanks for participating.


my mini bag said...

Nude gloss is definitely in my make-up bag. It's one of the shade I wear the most, of course, until the weekends.

I like Origins lip gloss.

mishshell said...

Hi there, found you through the blog hop :)

I'm addicted to nude lipstick. I dont think they are the best looking on me but i cant help collecting them!


happilyfull said...

love nude lipsticks/lipglosses!!! :D

i am blog-hopping after finding you on bloglovetherapy- ;)
& am looking forward to reading more of your posts as i started following you ;)

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What Sadie Did said...

OMG you love a nude lip as much as me! haha! I just bought a super nude lipstick from Mac but I worry it makes me look like i'm dead! ;)

Sadie xx