17 February 2012

Paese Cosmetics Mega Post: Review and Pictures

I always like discovering new brands and trying out different products so I enjoyed trialling this batch of makeup that was sent to me by Polish brand Paese Cosmetics. Like with most brands, I didn't love everything but there was certainly plenty here to pique my interest and one or two really standout products. 

I'll start with the items I couldn't review properly: the foundation and the blusher. The blusher, though a gorgeous peachy/pink shade (No. 25 in the Illuminating Rouge line), was smashed in transit and shattered completely as soon as I opened the lid. As for the foundation, it was simply the wrong shade for me. I was sent the Regenelift foundation in #102  Natural, which  I mistakenly thought  would be the closest match. The products are only available online at the moment which makes shade selection problematic. 

Moving on to the negatives, I'd give the powder products a miss. I was sent a Translucent Matte Powder and #13 Brightening Powder; the former is a baby pink shade, the latter a bronzey brown and both have a heavy, old fashioned smell that I find very off-putting. Not to mention the fact that the colours aren't for me. 

Happily though there were more hits than misses and I'd give a thumbs up to the following products: Matte Kashmir eyeshadow #605, Satin matt coat (which I reviewed separately here); nail enamel #143, a metallic gold shimmer, waterproof pen eyeliner in black 01 and waterproof eye pencil in #21, a flesh toned nude. 

The eyeshadow is a matte bone/ivory shade that has made its way into my makeup bag for daily use as an all over base. It's a bit dusty, but nothing a tap or two before application won't fix. It's a steal for €3.10. 

I'm also very impressed with the nail products. You can check out this post to see the satin top coat in action and the nail polish was equally good. I like the formula, it's easy to apply and while you could get away with one coat, it looks perfect in two. The colour is super sparkly and at just €3 I'd love to try more. 

The eye pencils are also pretty decent. The pen liner is good but I've tried better; it's not as opaque as I'd like, though the nib is easy to work with and gives a good precise flick. The nude liner however is hands down the best I've tried on my water line. Much less harsh than white, it makes me look more awake and put together when I wear it. These aren't listed on the website yet but I'm assured they will be soon. The eyeliner pen is priced at €4.99; the pencil at €2.40.

What do you think, will you take a punt on Paese? 
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