29 February 2012

Kneipping, Liv Tyler, and me

Liv Tyler is my BFF. Well she would be if we ever met, I just know it. We've masses in common: we both like wearing Givenchy makeup, listening to Evan Dando and dancing around to Aerosmith (although, granted, her experience of these things may be just a little more direct than mine). Oh, and we're both brunette! It's uncanny.

So imagine my delight when I picked up the March issue of the excellent Red magazine (which totes got my vote in the inaugural Beaut.ie and British Beauty Blogger Magazine Awards btw; have you voted yet?) and discovered yet another similarity: a fondness for Kneipp bath products. They're Liv's favourites, and by golly, I like them a whole lot, too. See? Uncanny! 

Kneipp has been around since the 1800's but is still something of a niche brand. It was created by a German priest, Sebastien Kneipp, who was interested in the healing power of water, plants and herbs. He hooked up with a pharmacist mate who started to market the products, which went side-by-side with a whole holistic approach that became known as Kneipp Therapy, or Kneipping.

I was given a set of their bath oils as a Christmas present (thanks Sinead!) and OH MY GOD are they good. They're really high quality and packed full of essential oils that leave your skin feeling silky and soft. And they smell absolutely amazing. My favourites so far are the Warm Embrace bath, with ginger, cardamom, macadamia and honey, which comforted me no end when I was sick a few weeks ago, and Valerian and Hops which is basically the valium of bath oils and helps me to relax and get off to sleep.

You can pick Kneipp up from pharmacies nationwide - I've spotted them in one or two recently - and handily, the Irish distributor, Carrickpharm, has a store locator on their website. I think the set of six I have is around a tenner, and individual, full sized bottles are also available. 

Will you be getting your Kneipp on?

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