03 February 2012

Fluffy little pick of the week: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Kitty, Kitty

So after a lot of dithering I have decided that Kitty, Kitty is my favourite variety of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Although I do love the flowery ones (Girl Flower, I think). Oh, and these ones, too. Now, I was very jammily sent a few by the brand last year, including this design, but I bought this particular set with my own money when I picked up some for friends at Christmas. I only got around to using them this weekend, but they were worth the wait. I’m mad about them, I really am, and not just because they set off my new favourite ring. (Yes, it is turning my finger a little purple but no, that doesn't make me love it any less.)

You can check out this post for how to apply, but trust me, if I can get them on ok, then so could a 6 month old infant. Blindfolded. They may be a little bit fiddly, but it takes me less time than it does to go through all the usual stages of a home manicure, and the results are a hell of a lot more impressive.

You can pick these up from chemists and supermarkets nationwide, for €8.95. I’ve already decided that Black Lace will be my next purchase from the range. And possibly my new favourite, too, but ssssh - don’t tell Kitty!
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