21 February 2012

Celebrate Pancake Tuesday with this great savoury pancake recipe from Saba!

Happy Pancake Day! With the day that's in it I thought I'd share this delicious recipe for savoury pancakes, Kai Yad Sai, from Dublin restaurant Saba. I love this great Vietnamese and Thai restaurant as much for its delicious food as for its laidback ambience and amazing cocktail list. 

If you live near Dublin you can always pop in for the real deal at just €15.95, but those of you who are a bit further away should definitely try out this recipe for egg pancakes stuffed with stir fried minced chicken and prawns with snow peas, carrot and onion, created by Saba executive chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana.


6 eggs                                                     
200g minced chicken breast                
100g minced prawns                                    
50g snow peas                                           
50g small diced carrot                                  
3dsp chicken stock or water
80g small diced onion                                   
2dsp sunflower oil for egg pancake          
3dsp sunflower oil for cooking                              
½ tsp sugar
3cloves chopped garlic          
4dsp tomato ketchup
2dsp soy sauce                                 
2 stalk coriander for garnish
1dsp oyster sauce
½ dsp black soy sauce
¼ tsp ground white pepper

Cooking Method:
  • Beat the eggs until smooth keep to one side. Use three small eggs per person.
  • Heat the non-stick pan to medium hot and add 1dsp of oil. Pour the egg, rolling it slowly around the pan.
  • Make sure the mixture is flat and not lumpy. Cook each side for 30 seconds and keep to one side.
  • Bring the wok to medium heat add the oil and garlic. Stir until there is an aroma.
  • Add the minced chicken and prawns and stir for a minute.
  • Add snow peas, carrot and onion and stir for 30 seconds, season with soy sauce, oyster sauce, black soy sauce, sugar, ground white pepper and tomato ketchup.
  • Add chicken stock and stir until they are mixed well. Split into two portions and keep to one side.
  • Place the egg pancake on a plate and place the filling in centre. Wrap from the four sides to the middle and place another plate on top. Flick upside down. Garnish with coriander and serve with Thai Jasmine rice.
You'll find Saba at 26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 - check out their website for menus or call (01) 679 2000 to book.


Laura said...

Ooh looks and sounds delicious!

Laura xo

Adele said...

I don't know why, but I always have to go sweet not savory with pancakes. This looks gorgeous though, so maybe I should break the mould!!
Happy Pancake Day xoxo

little t said...

Sounds amazing- it's one of my favourite days of the year!

fluff and fripperies said...

I definitely have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one so these are right up my alley! xo

Rebecca♥ said...

Sounds delicious! I can't wait to make my pancakes:D Found you via Blog Hop! :)

whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxx

Jennifer said...

Going to have pancakes for dinner later haha! I found your blog through the blog hop :) Now following!


Jen xx

rolala said...

Happy Pancake day! I tend to favor savory over sweet so thanks for sharing this!

Rebecca♥ said...

Happy pancake day to you too lovely! :)

whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxxx

Joanne Hegarty said...

Tee Hee - great minds think alike Emma- as we are both doing 'pancake' today - except mine is a sweet one.

I love Saba - always go there with Dyane and Eleanor when I'm back in Dublin.




amy b.s. said...

i do love pancakes...

Kirsty said...

Yum yum yum, love pancakes! :D
Would love to follow each other check out my blog and let me know :)

Lipstick Fridays said...

All I can say is yummy xx
Found you through the bloghop xx
Im also doing the bloghop xx
Its a great idea isnt it xx
Wanted to invite you to check out my beauty blog sale - lots of fab items, maybe we could follow each other through GFC and bloglovin xx You have a great blog xx

fluff and fripperies said...

Tragically due to crazy work hours not a solitary pancake has crossed my lips today!

QT said...


chibiaion said...

Ow, that look incredibly mouth watering! Would really love to try out this one even if its not pancake tuesday. :) Bookmarked!
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my mini bag said...

OMG that looks delicious!