28 February 2012

Beauty crush: Ellis Faas products, with review, swatches and pictures of Milky Lips in L206

Guess what I'm holding in this picture? Go on, guess. Oh alright then, I'll tell you: in my grubby little paws and unpainted nails (the shame!) I am clutching two lipsticks and an eyeshadow, from Dutch makeup artist Ellis Faas. 

Don't they look amazing? All the products in the range come packaged in these sleek silver bullets, from foundations and concealers to lip and eye products in a variety of textures. A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of this brand, from the packaging to the colours to the texture. All of the products are based on colours found naturally in the human body; the idea is that they'll be universally flattering and suit pretty much everybody. And they're all cream products because they melt into the skin instead of sitting on top of it, and are easier to blend. 

Swatches, bottom left, L-R: Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes eyeshadow in E107, Milky Lips in L205 and L206

Lip products are usually €25 but I scored two for that price as part of a Valentines Day promotion. They sent you a surprise with every  lip product purchased, and I received L206 when I bought L205. (I love these products so much that I'm not even going to whinge that they're numbered, not named. Much.) Today I'm going to focus on the former; I talked about the eye product in this post on beaut.ie and I'll show you L205 in a later post. 

If I'm honest, I wasn't sure about this shade at first as it's more of a brown toned nude than I'm used to, but I actually love it. It's such a nineties colour, and all things nineties are suddenly very now again. It's more flattering on than I thought it would be and I think the colour looks quite expensive, somehow. And the texture is DIVINE. The product isn't scented or flavoured and feels really comfortable to wear; it really does sort of melt into the lips.

I'm delighted I discovered this brand and I'll definitely be back for more; I have my eye on the signature Ellis Red shade next and am just trying to decide which texture I want it in first!

You can buy through the brand's website, from Mise Beauty or from Harvey Nichols in Dundrum. Have you tried any Ellis Faas products?

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