30 January 2012

Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment Dark Circle Corrector: Review and Pictures

I took a quick look at the Soap and Glory makeup range here and promised I'd be back with my views on the products. Today I'm taking a look at Trick and Treatment Dark Circle Corrector, (€11.69).

Like Arch de Triumph and Marvelips, Trick and Treatment has actually been kicking about for a number of years but has been repackaged and incorporated into the new cosmetics line. 

The product contains a yellow pigment to neutralise dark circles, and also promises to attack the root of dark circles over time. Dark circles are genetic and they run in my family, so anything that promises to brighten and treat is guaranteed to pique my interest. 

While it looks like a flat beige colour in the tube, when sheered out the product is a goldish/yellow toned liquid that has a subtle metallic sheen/shimmer to it - the effect of the 'soft-focusing spheres' that are intended to minimise fine lines. The formula is interesting - it feels like any other liquid concealer product (a smidgeon thicker in consistency than, for example, YSL's touche eclat), but once dotted on and blended my skin sorts of drinks it up, like it's a much thinner formulation. I like this effect,  it means that the product doesn't sit on the surface, doesn't settle into any wrinkles and never looks cakey. 

I'm not sure the colour would work on very pale skin, but mine is fairly sallow and the product suits me. It wouldn't replace my regular undereye concealer - it's more of a brightening corrector and I find it works best as an additional step in my morning routine. Used this way it does help to minimise my dark circles. It reminds me a bit of the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener but represents better value for money as it's a bit cheaper and you get a lot more in the tube. 

I don't think this is necessarily an everyday essential, but it's a nice product to have on hand for when you need a little extra help faking a full 8 hours. 

You can pick up Trick and Treatment from your local Boots, priced at €11.69.
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