20 January 2012

New! Next Generation of Clarins Extra Firming Skin Care

Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream is one of their best sellers, with 2 million jars of the stuff flying off the shelves each year -- that's one sold every 8 seconds. But rather than rest on their laurels, the French beauty powerhouse has been focused on improvements and this March, will relaunch the entire Extra Firming range.

The products -- the 4th generation since the initial launch in 1978 -- will contain 9 new active ingredients, including organic green banana extract, lotus flower and lemon thyme, discovered by Clarins botanists to act like a glue for the structure of the skin,  increasing its elasticity. The range is pitched at women in their late 30s to 40s -- the model in the ad is, believe it or not, 40 years young herself -- and promises increased firmness, brightening properties and prevention of dark spots.

The range includes a day cream, night cream and lotion with SPF 15, as well as a day and night cream for dry skin. They feel great on the skin, like a cross between a gel and a cream, and have a gorgeous floral scent.

But high performing products are only half the battle: equally important is knowing how to use them. And here's where Clarins are prepared to go the extra mile -- Clarins Skintime, a treatment demonstrating the application methods designed by the brand, is offered free of charge at every Clarins counter. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes and you'll not only be treated to a mini facial, but you'll learn how to recreate the experience in the privacy of your own bathroom. Good, eh?

Above you'll see a couple of tips I picked up at the launch, but make sure you call into your nearest Clarins counter to book a session of your own!

Clarins Extra Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream is priced at €67 and the Extra Firming Night Rejuvenation Cream comes in at €71. The products will be on counter from March. 

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