11 January 2012

MAC Impassioned Amplified Creme Lipstick: Review, Swatches and Pictures


Argh, I'm completely in two minds over this lipstick! On the one hand, I just adore the colour. MAC describe it as an 'amped up fuchsia' which is a bit misleading as it puts me in mind of a blue-based pink. To me, Impassioned is a super bright, orangey-toned, almost neon pink that is much brighter than it photographs. It instantly lights up my face and brightens up any look. And as it's quite a retro shade, it looks great with my favourite flicky eyeliner.

On the other hand, the formulation is quite drying. It's one of MAC's amplified creme finishes, which means it applies lovely and opaque with a slight shine but, on me, it starts to feel quite tight after about an hour's wear. And I don't like the way it fades; it stains unevenly, leaving my lips looking dry and patchy and generally unattractive. It has to be reapplied more frequently than I'd like.

With its gorgeous looks, I'm prepared to forgive it these flaws and I'll continue to wear it at weekends and at night (it's a bit too in-your-face for the 9 to 5). It was a Christmas present, so it would be rude not to, and it is very, very pretty (thanks mum!). The dryness is also eased by the fact that I'm currently using the best lip balm in the world.  But these lipsticks aren't cheap and for €17.50, I was expecting more.

Have you tried Impassioned and what did you think?
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