06 January 2012

The Lip Balm from Creme de la Mer

I haven’t been this excited about trying a new product in a very, very long time. You are looking at The Lip Balm from Crème de la Mer, which is hands-down the most luxe lip balm in the whole wide world. It’s probably one of the priciest too, at €58 in Brown Thomas. But it’s La Mer! And it contains the brand’s patented nutrient-rich Miracle broth, packed with sea kelp, vitamins and minerals. I nearly wept with joy when I was sent it to try out, and approached application with all the reverence that this premium brand, so beloved by celebrities and beauty writers, deserves.
The first thing that strikes me is the packaging. That adorable ribbon! The distinctive green and pink colour scheme! And then the pot itself, with its pretty silver lid (the brand recently switched from a white plastic cap to something a little more glamorous) and wide, shallow dimensions, that make it easier to access the product without digging around and getting it trapped beneath your nails.
As with the legendary face cream, you’re advised to warm the balm between your fingers before patting it on, to release the key ingredients. It sort of melts into the lips and a little goes a very, very long way. It feels thick and nourishing and, if you pay close attention, tingles ever so slightly. It’s not greasy and it lasts much longer than other balms.
After the balm wears off my lips still feel smoother, more moisturised. They’ve been dry and flaky, and the bajillion other products I own just provide temporary relief. This stuff sorts out the flaking by the second day’s use. I’m impressed.
And the taste! It’s just like the peppermint creams I made last year -- but better.
I’m not going to attempt to justify the price. You will either want this or you won’t. Is it the best lip balm I’ve ever used? Yes, yes it is. Is it worth the almost-€60 pricetag? I’m not sure. But I do spend a lot of money on lip balm in a year, and this will last a very, very long time...oh, ok, maybe I am going to attempt to justify the price. Of course, if I lost it I’d be devastated (I’ve already dreamt about it -- it wasn’t pretty) but the biggest concern I have is this: is this wonderful lip balm a gateway drug to the rest of the range?!? At €125 for 30ml of moisturiser, that's not really a habit I want to be cultivating, now is it. Though that €65 concealer couldn't hurt, right? Right?!
What’s the most luxe piece of skincare you own? Tell me in the comments!
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