24 January 2012

First Look: Soap and Glory Cosmetics Range

I was like a kid in a candy shop when the cheeky, retro-inspired UK brand Soap and Glory sent me their look book and invited me to try some of the products from their new cosmetics range.

Despite wanting to try just about everything I limited myself  (somewhat!) to the following items that called to me the loudest:

  • Supercat liner
  • Thick and Fast mascara
  • Kick Ass Concealer
  • Super Colour Fabulipstick in Perfect Day
  • Show Good Face foundation and primer in A Nude Peach
  • Trick and Treatment dark circle concealer

As my beloved Bobbi Brown concealer is on its last legs, it's the Kick Ass concealer that I'm most eager to try. At about a third of the price, how will the Soap and Glory product measure up? That and the Supercat liner - I love me a felt tip pen liner, so I do -- and the Super Colour Fabulipstick, which has got to be the best name EVER for a lippie, right? It was also named The Daily Mail's best lipstick of 2011, and though we all know the tabloids never lie, sure what harm in checking it out for myself?

Reviews aplenty will be coming up soon but in the meantime, tell me, is any of this lot talking to you?
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