13 January 2012

The Emjoi Micro Pedi is my fluffy little pick of the week!

Nope, that's not some convoluted razor you're looking at there, it's the Micro Pedi from Emjoi and my fluffy little pick of the week! I love this product -- my feckin' feet are the bane of my life. They're always killing me and I've spent a small fortune over the years on products and treatments to make them look and feel at least halfway presentable. I thought the Ped Egg would be the answer to all my prayers but I was disappointed: it's messy, hard work and barely scraped the surface of my poor old dried out hooves. So I could not have been happier to get my paws on the Micro Pedi, courtesy of Irish distributors Lifes2good.  

This nifty little device works wonders. Thanks to its electric rollers, dry calloused skin is quickly buffed off to leave feet feeling soft, supple and cared for.  The roller does all the work for you so, unlike the Ped Egg, it's quick and effortless. It's given me results similar to the salon callus heel peel treatment I tried recently, which is amazing for an at-home treatment. It's a brilliant product that really works.

The Micro Pedi costs €39.95 and is available from selected pharmacies and health stores nationwide, or directly from Lifes2good on 1890 25 24 31 or www.lifes2good.ie. Replacement rollers are also available at €14.95 per pack.
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