14 January 2012

Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?

Honestly, I do not know where Angelina Jolie finds the time to swan about buying waterfalls, making her directorial debut or refusing to let Brad make an honest woman of her when, as long suspected and indisputably proven by this month's US Marie Claire cover, she has a full-time job being the most extraordinarily beautiful woman in the world. Ever. Just look at those eyes! Those lips! And don’t even get me started on those cheekbones! She’s so exquisite that I’d find her fascinating even without the, y’know, blood drinking and knife fetish and snogging of blood relatives. Do we buy her complete metamorphosis into do-good-ing earth mother and humanitarian? I don’t know, I like to think there’s still something of the wild child -- ok, crazy lady -- in there somewhere…
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