03 January 2012

Beauty Resolutions from the Irish Blogosphere - part 2!

If you haven't read the first part of this post, check it out here! I've asked some of my favourite Irish beauty bloggers to share their beauty resolutions for 2012 - here's what they had to say:

My first resolution is to become a better commenter. I read countless blogs every day and having limited time, I don't leave too many comments on them, so next year, I will make a big effort to do so. I love reading comments on the blog so that's my first resolution! And I think it's something that the whole community can get on board with.

My second resolution is one that I made last year and failed miserably at. I, Karen Constantine, do most solemnly swear that I am going to do my utmost to finish a lipstick in 2012. It's so hard because I've amassed such a collection over the years and when I find one I love, I try not to use it too much so as not to waste it. But not anymore ladies, 2012 is going to be "The Year Wot I Finish One Bloody Lipstick, It Can't Be That Hard Can It!"

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I tend not to make personal new year's resolutions so usually mine revolve around my work life - which sounds quite boring... but I heard once that if you want to make changes in yourself, you can do it anytime you like, not just in January and I wholeheartedly agree with that! At the end of each year, whatever goals I set out for myself serve as barometer, so I can look back and see what (if anything!) has been achieved in those last 12 months. 

For me, 2012 is going to be all about focusing on taking a step up from what I've been doing this year, which has mainly been editorials for Irish publications like The Irish Times, U Magazine and Stellar, runway shows and TV and radio work too. I'd love to get the opportunity to do some big jewelery or make-up campaigns as well as work on a few more runway shows and couture fashion shoots abroad in places like Amsterdam, Paris or London. Another dream is to have Pretty Easy made into a little beauty column in a magazine or newspaper - how cool would that be? Whether or not any of this actually happens is yet to be seen but I'll certainly give it a go! 

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In the Christmas sales I'm after one thing, and one thing only - a set of heated rollers. I've let my hair grow out from short and layered to long and straight; what it's gained in length it's lost in shape and lift. My main beauty resolution for 2012 is to wake up those extra 15 minutes earlier to put some life into my mop with heated rollers. Kate Middleton hair here I come!

I'm also going to try make it a habit to take my vitamin supplements after my dinner every night. I have oily, blemish prone skin, and I find it very beneficial for skin healing to take a general multivitamin and Omega 3 & 6. Also, controversially, every now and again I'll take a course of vitamin A. Unfortunately, even though I've had tenacious acne since my 20s, it's not severe enough for me to be a candidate for Roaccutane. If my skin is acting up badly, I will take a course of vitamin A under the supervision of my doctor (Roaccutane is a vitamin A derivative). This REALLY helps clear my skin. However, vitamin A accumulates in the body and can cause liver toxicity and fetal malformations, so I wouldn't recommend that anyone else do the same without consulting their GP.

Stay off the feckin cigarettes!  Me and cigarettes have a typical love/hate relationship. I LOVE smoking yet I hate it in equal measures. Last year I quit on Jan. 1st. I lasted until July without so much of a puff (I hope walking by smokers and inhaling their lovely smoky smell doesn’t count?) As soon as I got to France for my holidays I lit up. I honestly have no idea what possessed me but I can say that I really enjoyed puffing my brains out for those two weeks. I got home and due to an unhealthy combination of me overdosing my chest with nicotine on holidays and our lovely Irish summer (summer should read monsoon season) I developed the mother of all chest infections. Not only was I sick, but almost overnight smokers lines started to appear around my mouth. So this year my resolution is to stay away from the feckers. Not only does smoking affect obviously your health but it affects your appearance too. It’s amazing that with all the negatives and no positives that I still miss smoking. But I do. This year I owe it to myself to stay off them.

My second resolution is to stop picking and poking at my face! I developed a bad case of medication induced cystic acne last year. It was quite upsetting as I had never had to contend with acne as a teenager and I was quite unprepared for the emotional effects etc. Anyway, long story short I picked at it and poked at it before I got to see a dermatologist. My picking and poking meant that although the acne has receeded I am now left with scarring. So my new year's resolution is to leave it to the professionals and not be constantly poking at the little lumps and bumps!

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Lots to think about there -- thanks ladies! Me? I'll be buying more brushes and wearing more sunscreen. Tell me yours in the comments!
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