02 January 2012

Beauty Resolutions from the Irish Blogosphere - part 1!

Forget your standard New Year's Resolutions, I'm all for ones we can actually stick to. So I asked some of my very favourite Irish bloggers to share their beauty resolutions for 2012 -- some are below, and there'll be more coming tomorrow. Hopefully there are one or two ideas here to inspire or motivate you this year. Ladies, take it away!

I've fallen on bad habits recently: 2011 kicked my ass work-wise and that meant I went to bed with my makeup on more times than I'd either care to remember or relate. Skincare is super-duper important to me so I really want to address that 2012. Getting back to a decent routine is high up on my list of intentions for the new year.

Definitely the one thing I'm putting high up my makeup agenda (what do you mean, doesn't everyone have one!?) is to learn how to blend eyeshadow properly. If only to shut Kirstie up: I'm bleedin' sick of her attacking my face with a finger everytime she sees me and tut tutting!

Thank you to the Beaut.ie - ful McDermott sisters!

I’m not usually one for resolutions, preferring instead to try & do better everyday (snore), so pretty much every year to date has been met with the resolution to ‘Keep on Trucking’. This year, however, being relatively new to the blogging world I have to elaborate. 

First up: I’m going to make a concerted effort to not buy so many beauty related products. I’m hugely fortunate in that some very generous PRs have been sending me beautiful items to sample and review. Despite this, each & every time I read a blog post about something new my beauty senses start to tingle. I joined forces with a couple of girls on the run up to Christmas to counteract the overspending and we took part in #operationshutyerpursehole, which was a huge success. It’s going to be tough in January, sales ARE the kryptonite of spending bans but I’m determined to try!

Secondly I’m going to try my level best to get more sleep. The old adage says ‘Early to bed & early to rise’ has never been taken seriously in this house, I guarantee the penman didn’t have teenagers, a full time job, a burgeoning blog and 3 gazillion other responsibilities to contend with but there is a grain of truth to be had. As it stands, more often than not, I’m seeing 3am on the clock before my head hits the pillow to be up again at 7. 4 hours sleep does not a happy Cherry make. I’m aiming to be switched off; plugged out & powered down by 11pm each night from January 1st (my fingers are already twitching at the prospect). 

Here's to a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year everyone!

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Love reading these types of posts. I am super nosey lol ^ Rach x

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Oh great post! good luck with it


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