15 December 2011

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac Lipstick in Ravishing Red: Pictures, Review and Swatches!

I really love red lipstick and I own some great varieties, ranging from Tom Ford to Rimmel and lots in between. But much as I love them I'm never entirely comfortable wearing them for a full day or evening: they're all high maintenance, and I fret about them fading irregularly, looking patchy, yellowing/smudging on my teeth or drying out my lips.

Since this little lovely was sent to me, those worries are a thing of the past. I've written about this range before and I find them so easy and comfortable to wear: the formulation is creamy and moisturising and the colours are highly pigmented, so they stick around for a long time and when they do eventually fade, they do so evenly and leave a nice stain. They're just a really nice product. 

This particular shade will suit most colouring -- it's the one Reese is wearing in the campaign imagery, and is a lovely deep red that's as easy and appropriate to wear to the office as it is on a big night out. I'm so pleased I've found it; at last, a low maintenance, reliable red! 

Avon Colordisiac lipsticks come in at €12.75 and are available exclusively through independent sales representatives; you can find yours here.

Do you like red lippie and what's your go-to, tried and trusted product?

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