26 November 2011

Sharing is caring: The Guardian's beauty expert on the perfect red lip

Like The Guardian's beauty expert, Sali Hughes, I love a red lip. Unlike her, I often make a right holy show of it and end up looking more Courtney Love (circa 1994) than Courtney Cox (ok, so she's not famous for a red lip, but she is quite polished. Work with me!). So I enjoyed this little video on how to achieve a perfectly polished red pout (you can also read the accompanying article, here). There are a few surprising tips in there, too, that I'm planning to try out this weekend.

Enjoy - and if  you pick up a thing or two, let me know in the comments! 


Eadaoin said...

So helpful! I've always been terrified of lipstick, especially red, but now I think I could probably give it another go! She makes it seem so much simpler than I thought. Thanks for sharing :)

Zoe said...

So helpful! Red lipsticks are so intimidating sometimes!


fluff and fripperies said...

Ah great to hear you both found it as useful as I did! xo