29 November 2011

Review of EO Revitalizing Shower Gel in Grapefruit & Mint, and EO Liquid Hand Soap in Rose, Geranium & Citrus


Edit: The lovely people at EO Ireland have kindly offered a discount of €2 per product off the full price for readers of Fluff and Fripperies; email catherine@eoireland.com with your order and reference the word 'fluffy'. Check out the website to view the full range!

It says something about EO products that five minutes after I'd received a (beautifully presented) bag of them, all of the girls in the office were slathering their hands with my small sample of Grapefruit & Mint body lotion. The scent is  irresistible: the combination of fresh, clean peppermint and zesty, uplifting grapefruit provides an instant pick-me-up, the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

I hadn't heard of this natural, organic range before being contacted by the brand, but I'm behind the curve: Bobbi Brown waxed lyrical about these earth friendly products in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The EO stands for essential oils, and the range of body lotions, shower gels, soaps and hair care products is packed full of 'em. I've been trying out the Grapefruit & Mint Shower Gel along with the Rose, Geranium and Citrus Liquid Hand Soap; other varieties include French Lavender, Peppermint & Tea Tree and Lemon & Eucalyptus. All sound divine, and all are cruelty free as well as being free of parabens, sodium laureth and artificial dyes/fragrances -- so they're suitable for all skin types.

Leaving all that to one side for a moment, how do the products perform? 

Exceptionally well, is the answer. Both products are just a pleasure to use; they're attractively packaged, smell amazing and they both do a tremendous job of cleansing while leaving my skin feeling pampered, hydrated and cared for. Unusually for natural products, both the shower gel and the hand lotion produce quite a rich lather -- the foaming agent is derived from coconut oil so it's gentle and nourishing on the skin. For ease of use, I'm also loving the pump dispenser on the shower gel -- a first for me. And at 360 ml of hand soap and 480 ml of shower gel, the products are really generously sized, too, so I'm not afraid to lash them on liberally.
The Liquid Hand Soap is priced at €14 and the Shower Gels at €16.99; they can be bought online through the EO Ireland website or from the Dublin Food Co-op. The products would make lovely gifts -- there isn't a woman I know who wouldn't love them -- or serve as an indulgent little pick-me-up for yourself. EO Ireland provide complimentary gift wrapping, and delivery in Dublin is free. You can also check them out on Twitter or Facebook for natural tips, special offers and product news.
Let me know if you've any experience with this brand, or if you like what you hear, in the comments! 


Caren Kennedy said...

Well said. I use the Rose, Geranium & Citrus lotion on my hands and it's fandabeedozie. Can't believe how quickely it's making my nails grow.

Sarah Lanagan said...

The grapefruit and mint lotion smells incredible! love it! :)) x

fluff and fripperies said...

Caren, apparently the nurses in St Vincent' Hospital have used the Rose and Chamomile Body Lotion on their hands to counteract dryness caused by the harsh, chemical hospital soaps!

Sarah, I think that fragrance is my new favourite thing ever. If only it came in a candle!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the EO grapefruit and mint lotion. The fact that it dries in so quickly.....no hanging around waiting.... is a definite plus also. And the smell is just divine!

Caren Kennedy said...

Pssst! It's also fab for erasing nicotine stains.

fluff and fripperies said...

Great tip, thanks Caren! And Sharon, I know, the scent is just amazing!

July Girl said...

Have to have a sniff of this stuff, it sounds mega!

Teresa said...

I recently ordered a French Lavender gift pack (gel, lotion & shampoo) for a friend that had a baby- thinking that I would get the "mom" a present as the babies are always getting the pressies. Not only did the mom love the products, but they are all able to be used on the baby as well (win-win :-))

fluff and fripperies said...

Good to hear, thanks for sharing Teresa!