14 November 2011

Meet my makeup brushes!

There was a great reaction to this guest post on brushes by Pretty Easy's Sarah Lanagan, so I thought I’d show you my own motley little collection! I’d like to expand this, so if you have any suggestions on the types or brands of brushes I should be investing in to round out what I currently own, I would really love to hear them.

I keep my brushes in this cotton wool/cotton bud holder on the bathroom shelf. They’ve just been washed here with Johnson’s baby shampoo, ready for their close-up, so some of them are still a little damp! I have a few from Ruby and Millie and The Body Shop –-  including that big Body Shop eye brush with the wooden handle below, which is about 10 years old and still going strong! -- and one each from Benefit, MAC and Boots No 7. Oh and an eyeliner brush from Catrice, too, which is the skinny black one with the angled head in the 'group shot' below.

I use my fingers to apply my foundation and I mostly use a cream blush these days, so I don’t have too many face brushes. Those three brush heads you can see in the shot above are the Body Shop Face and Body Brush, the Body Shop blusher brush (which I use to contour my face) and a duo fibre mineral brush which again I use for contouring or for mineral powders. The name has actually worn away on this so I have no idea where it came from! 

The MAC 194 brush is for concealer, I use a Ruby and Millie angled brush on my brows and a selection from Boots, The Body Shop and Ruby and Millie on my eyes, along with that one in the bottom right corner there, which is Benefit's 'The Talent' brush -- and my personal favourite, because you can use it for lining, shading and contouring.

What’s in your collection? Do you have a favourite? And do you have any tips for me to help me build mine up?
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