10 November 2011

Incoming from Avon: Shine Attract Lipstick and Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation

One of the great things about writing a beauty blog is the opportunity to discover new products and brands you might previously have overlooked: Avon are the perfect example. Over the past year I have gone from rarely giving this brand a thought to being a complete convert to many of its products, like the Super Shock Max mascara, gel eyeliner pencil and what is now one of my favourite lip colours, Avon’s Colordisiac in Flirty Fuchsia.

I was delighted to be introduced to new products due for release early next year, which I predict will also become firm favourites in my makeup bag: Shine Attract lipstick, and Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation.

I think both products are genuinely innovative and of high quality, utilising the latest beauty technologies on the market.  I won’t blind you with science, but thanks to a new formulation the foundation feels light and blends beautifully into the skin, leaving a really natural finish with a good level of coverage. It will be easier than ever before to find your perfect match, as the range consists of 16 shades -- the largest selection from the brand in the European market.

Swatches top to bottom (first pic) and left to right (second pic): Avon Shine Attract lipstick in Passionate Red, Guava and Orchid.
And the lipstick, ohhh the lipstick! It’s gorgeous to use, with an inner core of pigment and an outer ring of clear, hydrating gel that’s infused with Vitamin E to make lips feel as good as they look. Which is pretty darned good, let me tell you. The texture is divine, and it will come in 10 shades, from nudes and peaches through to pinks, plums and reds. I’m loving the packaging, too, with its sleek silver bullet and transparent plastic cap.

Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation will launch in February next year and cost €15.50. Shine Attract Lipstick is available from January priced €11, and both products contain SPF 15. Avon don’t sell through shops but exclusively through independent sales representatives – find yours here.

So what do you think? Like the look of anything here?


July Girl said...

Mmm those lippies sound great, swatches look lovely!

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks July Girl, I have a couple to try out and I am LOVING them. So moisturising!

Sugar Dusting said...

The lipsticks sound great, I'll have to give them a look-see. I'm always trying to find a good moisturising lipstick for winter.

fluff and fripperies said...

Would deffo recommend!

Joanne Hegarty said...

A moisturising lipstick for winter ! Genius ..



fluff and fripperies said...

There are several lovely pinks and nudes that would be right up your alley Joanne x

Sarah Lanagan said...

Can't wait to give these a go! Great review btw x