27 October 2011

Winners! NYC, International and Facebook Giveaways!

There are A LOT of winners to be announced so I’m gonna get right to it. In all cases please email your postal address and allow at least a month for delivery of your prize. Congratulations all and if you didn’t win, check this out (last chance!) and this too and come back tomorrow for yet more first birthday celebration giveaways!  

Facebook Giveaway
Strawberry bundle: Dita Von Weebs
Blueberry bundle: Claire Marie

International Giveaway
Prize 1: Fairy 89
Prize 2: Tracy K Nixon

NYC Makeup Giveaway
Marion Bruton
Katherine De Riera
Anne Harrington
Judith Whelan
Amy Bennett
Bernadette Nolan
Megan O’Colmain
Ms Dark Fairy 88
Emily O’Regan
Emma Zajac
Jenny Byrne
Stevie Adele Mitchell
Victoria Norris
Shona Bell
Heather Rees
Honora Livesey
Baby Nat
Kate Cunningham
Chloe Power

Congratulations everyone! Hope you enjoy your prize.


emma Zajac said...

Thanks so much Emma, I'm delighted!!

fluff and fripperies said...

Congrats Emma!

hgl2510 said...

Thanks soooo much. Will email <3

BabyNat said...

YAY thankyou so much, i am super happy!! I will email you with my details :) Thanks once again lovely Emma xxx <3

MsDarkFairy88 said...

Thanks so much-delighted!! :)

Victoria - Cosmetic Cravings said...

Thank you :-)