25 October 2011

Irish Web Awards 2011

Kudos to Irish Web Awards’ organiser, Damien Mulley, for pulling off yet another spectacular event this Saturday. This was my second time attending and yet again I was impressed by the level of detail that ensured a fun, irreverent and enjoyable evening was had by all. There were cupcakes, there were bubbles, there were glow sticks, there were a plethora of polystyrene foam creations from Made In Hollywood (we really, really wanted to take the Facebook Dislike button home with us; no doubt somebody else did and for that I’m very envious!) and, of course, there were winners. Congratulations to all the sites that were nominated and shortlisted as well as to those who took home the awards on the night. 

From top left: glow glasses; all the winners; polystyrene hashtag; dislike button; more glow glasses!; The Journal taking the Grand Prix amidst a shower of confetti; the stage set; attendees.


Joanne Hegarty said...

Great photographs Emma - looks like a fun night out . Sorry you didn't enjoy Midnight in Paris though


fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks Joanne - it was a great night!

Zoe said...

Ohh looks like you had fun!


fluff and fripperies said...

Cheers Zoe - give me a glowstick and I'm happy!

Kat (dollyrouge.ie) said...

I really can't believe I missed you! Great to hear that you enjoyed the night and your pics are fab. We were dying to take home the dislike button too! Someone claimed it, but then left it unattended for quite some time, so we could have snuck away with it... But we were too honest. I will regret it as long as I live :P