12 October 2011

An Evening With Christian Courtin-Clarins

Respect is a word that Christian Courtin-Clarins uses quite a lot. Clarins, he says, has respect for the customer, for the company, for the economy and for the environment.  It’s why they’ve always been so free with samples, because they want women to try before they buy. That way, they can know for sure they’re buying the best products for them.  And more importantly, it’s why the company invests so heavily in sustainable development: supporting fair trade, developing communities, investing in environmental projects, researching illnesses and working with countless children’s projects around the world.

Clarins products at the event
Mr Courtin-Clarins was speaking at an event in Dublin last night at The Cliff Town House. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and not just because of his handsome, charming French ways. It was interesting to learn more about a company I’ve loved since my first Clarins purchase in my late teens (Beauty Flash Balm, if you’re wondering.)

This Double Serum is Christian's favourite Clarins product!

Clarins the company began with Christian’s dad, Jacques, in 1954. According to an article in Time magazine, he ‘began treating circulatory problems with massage and noticed an improvement in his patients' skin. He decided to focus his research on improving the way his patients felt and looked, eventually opening the Clarins Instituts de Beauté. What started as a few botanical body oils has become a $1 billion global beauty company.’

Attention to detail at The Cliff Town House
When you’re working with plants, Christian tells us in his lovely French accent, you learn to have patience. You plant a seed, and you wait for that seed to grow. It teaches you to think ahead, to plan for the future, which is crucial. Because as he tells us at the beginning of his talk, we don’t actually inherit the planet from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.


July Girl said...

OMG jealous - total silver fox!!

Roxy said...

Great post! Love Clarins, never knew it was a family company.

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks ladies - silver fox is right! It was great learning more about all the great work Clarins do behind the scenes.

cornflakegirl said...

Great post.