01 September 2011

Take Five Thursdays...Take Two!

Sarah at work
Take five of my favourite bloggers over five weeks, talking about their top five favourite beauty products and what do we have? Fluff and Fripperies new post series, Take Five Thursdays! My second guest blogger of the series (read the first one here)  is the very talented Sarah Lanagan. Sarah’s 10 year career as a makeup artist – working with everyone from Ryan Tubridy to Celia Ahern and Jedward - coupled with her experience in fashion and beauty writing ensure that her site, Pretty Easy, is a must-read for well-written features on trends, new products and insider tips and tricks. Here are her all-time top five favourites:

ONE Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer: Never lets you down! The slightly drier consistency is perfect for covering up break outs, it's a lot more concentrated than most concealers so you only need a little and it truly stays on through out the whole day and evening. I'm a huge fan of multiple use products and with these there are two shades in each product so you can blend them for different areas of the face or add a touch of foundation if you want to use it under eyes too. 

TWO Shu Uemura Brushes: Given the choice (and bank balance...) my entire brush roll would consist of Shu Uemura brushes. Over the years, I've worked with plenty of different cosmetic brands and what always rings true for me, is that no matter how low budget or expensive the products you're working with are, a decent set of brushes will make application much easier and produce a polished result. I had to do a shoot recently where I was asked to create a look without brushes and it made me realise how much I depend on them! Thankfully the pictures turned out well but it was like someone cutting off my hand! 

Sarah and her all-time favourite beauty essentials

THREE Lancome Hypnose Mascara: I'm constantly trying out different and new mascara because of my job, and I've finally always found myself comparing them to Hypnose. Like an old boyfriend who unknowingly set a standard for those to follow, it has always been my own personal favourite that I use daily. I've also found that it works well on clients for weddings because of it's long wearing and on shoots too because it can be subtle or built up for a much more dramatic look. 

FOUR NARS Bellissima Duo Eye Shadow: Another multi-tasking product, this little duo contains a shimmering cream powder and a matte brown that can be used in so many ways aside from just variations on eyes. I've often used the cream colour for highlighting, it catches the light beautifully if dusted over cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose and on the cupids bow. As the brown is matte, you can use it to fill in brows and also shade and contour features too. 

FIVE Osis Dust It: Probably my favourite hair product of all time! Not being blessed with thick, luscious locks in the first place and then deciding to bleach them to high heaven on top of that has meant I've tried so many products (dry shampoo/volumising shampoos/mousse) to coax my hair into looking fuller. A few taps of this powder at the roots and your hair is amplified instantly, taking you from normal to Barbarella in no time at all, and you have to love that!

Have you tried any of these products, or are you planning to?
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