22 September 2011

Take Five Thursdays...Take Five!

Take five of my favourite bloggers over five weeks, talking about their top five favourite products and what do we have? Fluff and Fripperies new post series, Take Five Thursdays! My final guest blogger of the series (read the others here, here, here and here!)  is Hayley from London Beauty Queen, one of the UK’s most popular beauty blogs. I’m a big fan of Hayley’s writing and I’m not alone: her no-nonsense approach and chatty, conversational style have won her numerous awards and accolades since she started LBQ in April last year.
Hayley recently sat on the judging panel for the Debenhams and Tesco Beauty Awards, is currently covering London Fashion Week and somehow managed to find time to organise The Only Way Is Blogging, a super-duper bloggers’ event that I’m still crushed to have missed.
Here are her top five favourite beauty products of all time:
ONE. My all time, must-have product is Batiste dry shampoo. I've been using this for years, even before it hit the high street as I used to trawl through old lady chemists trying to find one precious green can. Many dry shampoos have followed, but none can beat Batiste on price, scent or benefit to the hair. They keep upping their game too, especially since they've launched colour shampoos and the XXL variant (which is amazing!) I'm never without a can of this, even just to give freshly washed hair more texture.
TWO. Carmex lip balm is always in my bag. The little yellow tubes are really great at adding moisture and softness to lips, smell good and have that unique tingly feeling. At the moment I'm particularly loving their new Moisture Plus range which are tinted, meaning you have the great Carmex benefit plus a hint of colour. The effect lasts a long time too, so you don't have to constantly re-apply. All of this and they contain SPF15 so you're protected from the sun. 

Hayley surrounded by her favourite products...beauty blogger heaven!

THREE. My hair is really dry, brittle, frizzy and generally a nightmare, but since I've been using Redken's All Soft shampoo and conditioner these worries seem to have disappeared. My hair is left super soft, manageable, silky to touch and generally stays in-style all day long. These aren't cheap, but they're really concentrated so a little goes a really long way. If you can't stretch to both then the shampoo alone also does a really great job of softening hair.
FOUR. Mascara is one product that every girl needs to invest in - a flutter of lashes really opens the eyes and completely change the look of the face. At the moment I'm loving the Bare Minerals 'lift and curl' mascara as it lifts lashes, lengthens, gives curl and definition... basically everything you want from one mascara. You don't need coats and coats of it to get results either, so it's easy to apply and perfect for days when you want a bit of oomph. It's very rare that I use the same mascara for day and night, but this has been my staple for 3 months.
FIVE. If there's one product everyone should always have stockpiled, it's a great body moisturiser. My moisturiser of choice is Jergen's Naturals because it's light, absorbs really quickly and leaves the skin feeling super soft. Because of the great fragrances and different variants it's also a pleasure to apply, as well as targeting specific concerns. You can't go wrong with an ace moisturiser that costs less than a fiver too - I've tried loads of expensive ones and I keep going back to this.
Have you tried any of these products, or are you planning to?

And if you like Hayley's blog as much as I do, why not vote for her here in the 2011 Handbag Beauty Awards?


July Girl said...

Great post, really enjoyed this series. Will try the Jergen's bodycream, sounds like a bargain.

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks for stopping by, great to hear you enjoyed the series - and big thanks too to Hayley for taking part!

Joanne Hegarty said...

Well done Emma and Hayley - great read !

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks Joanne!

cornflakegirl said...

I love the Jergens moisturisers and now I wanna try the Redken Shampoo and Conditioner.

I've really enjoyed this series Emma.

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks Paula - I'm kinda sad it's over!

Dollyrouge said...

Ive used the Redken allsoft and its a brilliant buy! Rach x Great post btw :)

Karen said...

A great end to a great series :) I'm a big fan of the Jergens moisturiser too, need to try some Redken products next :)