07 September 2011

My favourite eye shadow colours

Last week I placed my first order with the Avon Online Shop and was delighted when my new purchases were waiting for me last Friday. I've been really impressed with the quality of the Colordisiac lipsticks, glimmerstick brow definer and this gorgeous true colour eyeshadow duo in Deep Forest, above (which was reduced to €4.50!). But when I proudly displayed my bargains to Himself, he muttered a question about whether I really needed another eyeshadow. I always need another eyeshadow! In the name of the blog! I'm dedicated that way. So he clarified by wondering whether I really needed another eyeshadow IN THESE COLOURS.

Ah. A quick rummage in my handbag revealed that much as it pains me, he may, in fact, have had a point.

Here's a few swatches, for comparison:

These smokey greens, olives and khakis are without a doubt my favourite eye colours. What are yours?
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