25 August 2011

Introducing... Take Five Thursdays!

Take five of my favourite bloggers over five weeks, talking about their top five favourite beauty products and what do we have? Fluff and Fripperies new post series, Take Five Thursdays! My first guest blogger is Karen who, along with her sister Joanne, writes one of my favourite Irish beauty blogs, Lovely Girlie Bits. Karen's writing style is naturally witty and warm and her personality shines through: reading her blog feels like sitting down for a natter with an old friend. Here's what she had to say:

So five products eh?  This is going to be a toughie for a product hoarder like my good self.  I've just started a new skincare regime so don't really have skin care favourites yet so here are my top 5 make up products at the moment.  I say at the moment because this could change at any time!  I've so many products in my stash that it is a *huge* deal if something makes it to my top 5!
1. Mac MSF natural.  I use this every single day and it is my Holy Grail powder (until something better comes along, I can't help it, even if I've found something totally amazing, it's in my DNA to see if there's anything out there that's better)  It blends into my skin effortlessly leaving a satin finish.  Love and don't think this will ever leave the top 5.
2. Stila eye shadow in Kitten.  This is the most gorgeous champagne shimmery eye shadow ever and everyone should have it in their collection, end of.  On it's own it gives a lovely wash of colour over the lid and looks beautiful blended with a bronzey shadow to give a night time look.  It's the first eye shadow I ever hit pan on and that's saying something.
L-R: Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect; Stila Kitten; Benefit Coralista; The Body Shop Honey Bronze gel; MAC MSF Natural

3. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for face.  Scary when you squirt it on your hand but once blended into your skin it gives a natural sun kissed glow.  I know that sounds cheesy, sun kissed, but it is beeeeautiful, so cheesy or not, it's on my list!
4. Benefit's Coralista is the perfect coral blush.  It gives me that healthy glow with a little bit of shimmer and I can never apply it badly.  It is something I think everyone should have in their stash so when you buy it, feel free to tell me how right I was.
5. Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect rotating mascara.  I have a lot of mascaras in my collection, an obscene amount, yet this is one I keep going back to since buying it a few months ago.  It has a little battery powered motor in it that rotates the wand, helping your lashes to be lifted at the roots.  When used at the very tips of the lashes, it adds that extra bit of length.  I'm sorry to say that I think the battery might be dying so I'm going to have to pick up a replacement soon.
So these are my top 5 products.  I'm now wracked with guilt over the products that didn't make it but you know what?  You gotta be amazing to be in my top 5!


ArtDonatella said...

Fabulousssssssss guest Emma, the best! Must try Kitten from Stila, can you believe I've never tried it? Naughty-naughty! xoxo

cornflakegirl said...

Great idea Emma & brilliant post Karen. I love Kitten & Coralista too.

Claire said...

I agree with the girls a great idea for a series Emma & a great post Karen! Hmmm I think kitten could be my next Stila purchase! I do have boots vouchers! I love that the rotating mascara is a top 5 the laughs we had when you were buying it! X

Emz said...

Grreat post - looking forward to reading the rest in the series!

I've never used Kitten either and love the sound of that mascara **adds both items to wishlist furiously**

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks guys, great to hear you like the idea of the series and that you all agree Karen's post was fab! She's got the series off to a brilliant start :)

Karen said...

Ah thanks for the lovely intro Emma, had a blast writing it :) Can't wait to see the next blogger in the series!

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks Karen, and thanks for being such a great guest blogger!