05 August 2011

Fluffy Little Pick of the Week: PU Trim Flares from NEW Penneys denim range

Check out the detail on these flared denim lovelies, just perfect for channelling this autumn's 70s vibe. Now check out the label and you'll like them even more: these cost a purse friendly €21 from where else but Ireland's favourite fast fashion outlet, Penneys.

The brand are relaunching their denim offering from this coming Monday with the new Penneys Jeaneology range. They promise a style, a fit and a price-tag to suit all, with costs ranging from between 9 and 21 euro for the women's range, €9-19 for the men's and €5-12 for the wee yin's.

The women's range includes skinnies, flares and coloured denim and if you fancy a gander at what's on offer, check out the fluff and fripperies facebook page.

Like the sound of the new range? Best get in quick if you're planning a purchase - you don't have to be a  jeanius* to see that these are gonna go fast.

*Sorry, I just couldn't resist!


cornflakegirl said...

I like the look of some of Penney's jeans but they're always miles too long for me.

Laina said...

Oooh I love the look of these! And so cheap! @cornflakegirl - I'm 5'6" and I find most jeans too long for me. I take a short in A Wear. Who are these long-legged beasts they're catering for?

fluff and fripperies said...

I have the exact same problem ladies but I'm hoping these babies won't let us down, fingers crossed!

Sara K said...

We don't have Penneys here! Boo! Is it like our Primark? The prices sound like it, but the quality not so much. i bought a white skirt there a few years ago in a 12, far too big, took it back, got a 10 - still too big, took it back, tried on an 8 - still too big...... um, i haven't been an 8 since I was 8! Clearly the size sticker onner was having a laff!

Love the sound of the Flared jeans. Love them.