13 July 2011

Whoop! Schwarzkopf Professional expand the OSiS range!

As a recent convert to Schwarzkopf haircare and having witnessed first-hand the wonders of OSiS dust it powder on my friend Sonya’s locks (the product is now firmly on my wish list), I was excited to hear that Schwarzkopf Professional is expanding the OSiS styling range.  I may even have let out a little involuntary squeal. Y'see, the new range contains about a gazillion new products as well as some cult classics (like Dust It) with really unique formulations and consistencies that promise maximum creativity in creating your look.

The range is divided into three categories: STYLE for application to wet hair, TEXTURE to define your style and FINISH to complete your look, and with four control levels from light to ultra-strong.

I don’t yet know when or where this will be available in Ireland but I’m hoping stockists of Dust It and other Schwarzkopf products will soon be stocking the extended range.  Current stockists include salons, sites like thehairandbeautycompany.ie and Drury Supplies on Drury Street.

Here's the lowdown on the new range (told you there's a gazillion products!). I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the ‘rebodyfing’ powder-to-spray, Refresh Dust – but what about you? Are you a Schwarzkopf fan and is anything calling your name?

  • NEW PUMP MY CURLS (£11.05/€14.50, 120ml) – the 1st pump spray that transforms into a workable wonder cream to tame the most rebellious, partied out curls - perfect for recreating that laidback, boho vibe. Hair will be left velvety soft and touchable with a feathery, weightless finish and super curl definition so you can rock out in style.
  • NEW BODY ME (£11.60 / €14.50, 150ml) – this innovative serum delivers up to 100% more volume to give hair that fuller feeling with natural movement and super smoothness
  • NEW SOFT N’ STRAIGHT (£11.05 / €14.50, 150ml) – the smooth, silky consistency of this straightening emulsion creates feathery lightweight hair, preventing split ends and hair breakage for super sleek tresses
  • NEW CURL ME SOFT (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – a rich, velvety cream that gives curl control without stiffness or stickiness for incredible, natural looking bounce and smooth curl definition
  • NEW HOLD MIRACLE (£9.25 / €11.50, 200ml) – easily brushed out, this especially strong cream mousse won’t leave tresses overloaded or sticky. It protects against heat damage, humidity and flyaway hairs
  • HAIRBODY (£9.70 / €11.50, 200ml) – this natural hold styling spray smoothes the hair surface for an anti-static effect and tangle free combability
  • UPLOAD (£11.60 / €14.50, 200ml) – a gentle conditioning cream that injects hair with instant lightweight volume and body
  • FLATLINER (£11.60 /€14.50 , 200ml) – with 200°C heat proof ingredients and humidity protection this flattening iron serum allows you to achieve long lasting, sleek and glossy locks
  • TWIN CURL (£11.05 / €13.00, 125ml) – a 2-phase curl cream, the gel separates each curl and adds bounce whilst the cream phase smoothes and conditions frizzy curls and waves
  • GRIP (£9.70 / €11.50, 200ml) – a strong hold styling mousse that gives full on style support, long lasting hold and natural shine


  • NEW RERESH DUST (£11.60/€14.50, 100ml) – The 1st OSiS powder-to-spray giving incredible body back to lacklustre hair. This innovative re-bodyfying spray is a must have to achieve hair that looks freshly washed and styled.
  • NEW FLEXWAX (£9.70 / €11.50, 50ml) – the first cream wax that has endless re-mouldability for unlimited style possibilities! Giving superb texture and separation and a non greasy, shine finish
  • NEW GELASTIC (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – a super firm flex gel which allows minutes of flexibility to mould your style before setting
  • DUST IT 24h (£12.30 / €15.00, 10g) – a mattifying, texturising powder which gives incredible root volume – the more you apply the more control you get!
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION BUFF (£12.30 / €15.00, 150ml) – an ultra light styling cream that gives feathery light definition, smoothness and natural shine
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION MESS UP (£12.30 / €15.00, 100ml) – an extremely matt texture and shaping paste, perfect for creating choppy, messy looks
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION THRILL (£12.30 / €15.00, 100ml) – a texturising gum containing elastic fibres for bendable, mouldable and shapely hair
  • SHAPE (£9.70 / €11.50, 50ml) – the smoothest stick of soft wax for sleek texture, glossy shine and light definition
  • 4-PLAY (£11.60 / €14.50, 150ml) – this mouldable, texturising cream allows you to rework your style at any time, giving hair a natural shine and finish
  • G.FORCE (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – this strong hold styling gel gives long lasting definition, hold and great shine
  • ROCK-HARD (£12.30 / €14.50, 150ml) – get creative with this strong hold styling glue, easy to work in and wash out, it will give long lasting control all day

  • NEW SHINE DUSTER (£11.60/ €14.50, 15g) – an innovative shine powder that transforms into a creamy fluid when rubbed into hands leaving hair glossy and shimmering
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION ELASTIC (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – a hairspray that protects from external influences whilst giving flexible hold for gorgeous tresses that you’ll want to touch
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION FREEZE (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – as the name suggests this hairspray instantly freezes hair, giving strong hold, control and protecting from external influences
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION FREEZE PUMP (£9.70 / €11.00, 200ml) – a strong hold pump spray that delivers an ultra fine mist when sprayed onto hair, ideal for styling after application
  • MAGIC GLOSS (£12.30 / €15.00, 50ml) – this essential serum eliminates frizz and gives hair super shine, weightless hold and separation
  • SPARKLER (£11.60 / €14.50, 300ml) – for instant shine and sparkle this spray also acts as a detangling aid by conditioning locks
  • GLAMOUR QUEEN (£9.70 / €11.50, 250ml) – an H2O free volumising hairspray designed for creating glamorous and volumised styles. The innovative trigger action delivers body directly to the area targeted whether at the root or all over
  • SESSION (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – a firm favourite with stylists backstage, this hairspray gives ultimate hold and control

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