13 July 2011

Magazine freebies a-go-go

Wowsa. This summer we’ve seen a bumper crop of beautilicious magazine freebies coming our way. The obscure chick-lit paperbacks, teeny tiny vest-tops and flimsy carry-all bags of previous years have, mostly, been conspicuous in their absence and instead, the fashion mags have been really treating us with gorgeous beauty products that we – gasp! – actually want to own. As I rummaged through my make up bag yesterday I was amazed by how much free loot I’ve picked up in the last month or so. Check out my stash!

Here’s what I got and where I got it:

August InStyle magazine: I opted for these two eye definers from The Body Shop in Black and French Navy, but there was also a mascara on offer. I do read InStyle on occasion but I would have skipped this issue without the freebies because Nicole Scherzinger bores me and so does this particular cover.

July issue of Red magazine: I was tempted to buy 3 copies of the mag to snap up the coral, pinkish nude and red glosses on offer from Jemma Kidd, but with heroic willpower (and less than heroic purse contents), I restrained myself and just picked up the limited edition red, created just for this giveaway. I’m big-time impressed with the gloss and with the magazine - Red is my new favourite montly read. Thanks to Kirstie from the amazeballs beaut.ie for the recommendation!

August issue of Marie Claire: I picked up this free Ciaté lipgloss in the nude shade, St Barts – it was also available in Ibiza, a hot pink. I’ve only worn this once but it was quite thick and I wasn’t overly impressed; if I’d paid the advertised £9 value (or the euro equivalent) I would be quite disappointed.

July issue of Glamour: Glamour do good giveaways and this one was no exception, a free mini sized High Beam, Benetint or Posietint from Benefit were all on offer. I went for Posietint but it’s a choice I regret it because it’s almost invisible on my cheeks, especially with a tan. I’m a fan of both the other products though (and on a side note, cannot wait to try out Cha Cha tint).

Have you scored any fab freebies of late?


Laina said...

I actually wasn't that impressed with Red's limited edition red - it needs a lot to come out the colour it looks like, I find; it's much more pink than it should be. Maybe just not my colour. Want another? :)

Emma (fluff and fripperies) said...

Deffo Laina, sling it my way! I really like the colour, the consistency etc - miles better, for me, than the Ciate freebie.

Kirsteen Bell said...

I picked up a Cosmopolitan recently (only to get it home to discover I'm now about 10 yrs older than their target market), but they had three different shade of missguided splash polish to choose from. I got a lovely summery shade of Orange (otherwise known as 'misstaken' apparently) - inspired by a previous blog post seen here obviously!

Karen said...

Ooh I want the body shop liners stat! I love summer mags for the freebies, I must have a looksee at what's out there now :) I got the Jemma Kidd gloss in the coral colour, it's beautiful, want the red one now :)

little t said...

I was major-impressed with the Red gloss too- I got the pinkish nude but like you was tempted by all three!