21 July 2011

Guest Post from Mr Fluff: Review of Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel

Best Skincare for Men Reviewed by Mr Fluff
Mr Fluff
So, in honour of the Clarins men’s range relaunch I’ve been asked to offer up to the readers of Fluff and Fripperies my expert opinion on one of their products, the Super Moisture Gel.

I must warn you however that I’m actually no expert when it comes to grooming products, despite what you might have heard from herself.  A favourite tale she likes to recite in company is of the time, many moons ago, when we were but fresh faced teenagers with no need for moisturising, she found me preparing to go out on a summer’s day by applying some factor seven sunscreen.  Although not normally one to take pleasure in another’s misfortune I will never forget her tears of laughter as she gleefully informed me that it was in fact my mother’s Boots Number Seven foundation!

But I’m much wiser now you’ll be glad to know and you’ll just have to take my word for it that I’m not sitting here with haemorrhoid cream plastered all over my face (although I’m led to believe that this is in fact a popular past-time of supermodels, who’d have thunk it?).

Right, moisturiser!  To be quite honest I generally take what I’m given in this regard with the giving normally being done at Christmas and birthdays.  I’m also prescribed a dermatological one which since it’s free, and I’m guessing is effective in its basic function, I’m more than happy with.  Brands at the lower end of the price range I’ve tried would include Nivea (too runny), Sanex (too thick) and L’Oreal (just about right).  Of the more expensive ones I’ve had Clinique (nothing special), Hugo Boss (really nice if you like the smell of Boss aftershave) and LancĂ´me (my all time favourite).

I should point out that I only ever use moisturiser after shaving and I don’t use any of the other fancy products that can be used in conjunction such as Clarins Skin Difference and Clarins After Shave Energiser both of which I’ve just noticed I appear to own and will perhaps have to review some other day.

Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel
Clarins have relaunched their Super Moisture Gel and Balm for Men, in new formulations
But back to the task in hand, the Super Moisture Gel.  The first thing you’ll notice is that, like all the men’s Clarins products, it’s a pleasant light blue colour.  As most moisturisers in the world are white this might bother you I suppose but personally I don’t mind and I’m happy to run the risk of smurfimacation. 

What is a slightly more serious matter of taste is that the gel is quite strongly perfumed.  Now I find it to be a nice, clean, refreshing sort of smell but if you plan on wearing a light scent (that wasn’t Clarins own brand) at the same time you’d be a bit concerned about the two fragrances combining into something awful.  I’m not saying they would but the moisturiser itself could be considered to be enough on its own.

As for the texture for me it’s just right, not so runny it drips off your hands but not so thick it’s like putting on polyfilla.  It’s easy to apply and absorbs into your skin quickly while not leaving it feeling at all greasy.  I have quite sensitive skin but using this product left me without any razor burn or dry patches and my face felt good all day. 

Editor: Bison grass was actually selected for its energising properties!
So I’d definitely recommend this product for using post shave however as to why they have bison grass in it and whether their claims that it ‘protects against pollution’ are true I’ll just have to leave to you  dear readers to decide.  I did tell you I wasn’t an expert!


Jo said...

"Smurfimacation" - tee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Love the comment Mr. Fluff.

ArtDonatella said...

Fabulous post! Your Mr. Fluff here is a natural born reviewer (not killer :D)! Great idea Emma, and No.7 Foundation? Bwahahahahaa lol! xx

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks guys!

Andrea, I know, it cracked me up, he had foundation allll over his arms, neck and face without realising it. I do love telling that story...

Girl About Town said...

Mr Fluff is a natural!!! Love the pic x

Ciara D said...

Great post and thanks for the Sally Hansen cuticle oil tip - nails looking a bit better already

fluff and fripperies said...

Ah cheers Ciara! Thanks for stopping by and great to hear the SH oil is working, I haven't had a hangnail since I started using it which is a bit of a miracle for me!

Anonymous said...

Aha Mr Fluff wore his Mom's foundation. Brilliant. Nice to see your expanding your remit! - Anastacia Beaverhausen

Sonya Goulding said...

The photograph says it all, and he says he's not an expert, look at him godammit1 Go Alan:)