15 July 2011

Fluffy Little Pick Of The Week: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen, and NOTD

As a sufferer from painful hangnails I was interested to learn that these can be prevented by giving your cuticles a bit of TLC from time to time. Now that sounds simple, doesn’t it, but actually working this into a daily or weekly routine is a little bit more complicated than that. I keep nail and hand-care products beside my bed, on my living room table and in my bathroom, but it wasn’t till I was sent this handy little Sally Hansen pen that I managed to reform my shameful cuticle-neglecting ways. I carry it about in my handbag and something about it, whether it’s the convenience factor, the shiny pink packaging or the fact that it smells like marzipan, but something ensures that I remember it’s there and make sure to apply it regularly.

You just whip off the cap, twist the base to wet the brush and brush it onto your cuticles and nails. Simples!

The Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen costs €5.95 and is available from selected pharmacies, department stores and grocery stores nationwide.
What do you think? Tried it? Love it?
Any other products you use and would recommend to help my poor dried out nails and paws?

And I’ll leave you with this NOTD – this is the brilliant Bourjois bargain I told you about earlier this week. Ridiculously easy to apply (thanks to the lovely wide brush) and a gorgeous gunmetal grey that I got about 3 days wear out of with no topcoat.


Karen said...

Have to get some of that cuticle stuff, mine are always in bits and that polish is gorrrrrgeous, right up my street, nice choice :)

Emma (fluff and fripperies) said...

Thanks hon, you should check out Medipharm on George's Street if you can to see if that Bourjois sale is still going on. Bargains galore!

Budgetordietrying said...

Bourjois nail varnishes have the most awesome brushes, so easy to apply! I use Nail Magic. It's amazing for nails that are soft & split/peel easily. It's totally transformed my nails, but like you, I find it hard to fit into my routine. Love your blog so much by the way!

fluff and fripperies said...

Yep those big wide brushes make all the difference! Rimmell, Art Deco and Sally Hansen all do a wide brush range, so much easier to use. Thanks for the kind words about the blog!