29 July 2011

Fluffy little pick of the week: Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit and Lemongrass Deodorant

We don't talk much about deodorant, do we? We natter on about almost every other type of toiletry or cosmetic under the sun, but the most complimentary thing I've ever had to say about a roll-on has been: it does the job. (And a very important job it is, too.)

But this week's pick has changed all that. I'm telling everyone who'll listen just how much I love this grapefruit and lemongrass scented deodorant from Dove. Part of the Go Fresh range, which also includes bodywash, bars and haircare, this also comes as an aerosol spray and in a cucumber and green tea variety too.

It does everything you'd expect from a good deodorant: 24 hour dryness and anti-odour protection, alcohol-free and with no stickiness or white marks,  but it also delivers a lovely fresh sensation and, best of all, a zesty, fruity scent that puts a big ol' smile on my face.

A little something like this...

Finally, a deodorant worth talking about!

Have you tried any of the Go Fresh products and what did you make of them?

28 July 2011

Something for the weekend

Have you picked up any bargains from The Body Shop this month? They've been treating us to 30% off a specific product each day throughout the month of July, to celebrate their 30 years in Ireland. I couldn't resist their Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow Mist  or Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. The offer comes to a close after this weekend but don't panic if you missed out on your favourites;  the deal goes out with a bang and there will be 30% off absolutely everything from tomorrow, Friday 28th, till Sunday 31st July. Go on then, fill your boots!

 Everyone has a favourite Body Shop product - tell me yours in the comments!

Late to the party but...

Recently I had reason to admire some lovely instagram snaps that Rosemary MacCabe included in a photo diary post on the excellent Fash Mob.

Now, shameful confession here, but I don't own an iPhone. I know, my heart goes out to me, too. But the fella does, and so I got Mr Fluff to download the app and I took these at the weekend.

Balbriggan Harbour


Anniversary pressie: a heart charm to keep my solitary Pandora dice charm company. I like the way it looks with just one or two charms. 

More presents: Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil. Guess Mr Fluff does read my blog, after all.

And another gift from my wish list: Clarins Colour Quench lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet. Yum.

Do you use Instagram? Isn't it just the best?!

27 July 2011

Giveaway winners announced!

As Clint Eastwood memorably said: "You've got to ask yourself one question. 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

Do ya?

Because the time has come, much anticipated I'm sure, to put you all out of your misery and announce the winners of the two recent giveaways on Fluff and Fripperies, as selected by random.org. Drumroll, please!

First up, the winner of the Clarins Men product set is none other than...Amy!

And the five NYC winners are: Iorweld, Tabitha Rose, Wendy Keogh, Claire Bradley and Brid.

To claim yis're prizes, drop me an email with your postal address (fluffandfripperies AT gmail DOT com) before lunchtime on Friday. If I don't hear from you, I'll draw again. 

Congrats all, and thanks for reading!

Truth in beauty advertising: because we’re worth it

Image from withdrawn Lancome ad, from The Guardian site
I wasn’t surprised to hear the news that two big beauty houses have been forced to pull ads in the UK, when the advertising watchdog agreed with Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson that they were overly airbrushed.

Lancome have been instructed to pull their Teint Miracle campaign (see above), while Maybelline have withdrawn ‘The Eraser’ campaign featuring Christy Turlington.

Of course, Lancome and Maybelline - both owned by L’Oreal – are far from the only brands engaging in this type of practice. From haircare ads where extensions have been used to mascara campaigns featuring false lashes, the overuse of digital enhancement is rife in the beauty industry.
We’ve long known not to believe what we see on the page or the screen. We’ve become more cynical about what we’re told by the beauty brands, which is why word of mouth and personal recommendations are so valuable. (And, I believe, why beauty blogs have such an important part to play.)
But that’s not to say we’re not affected by these advertising messages. Impossible standards of beauty create and exploit insecurities and make women and girls feel bad for not looking like the airbrushed models and celebrities in the ad campaigns.
Jo Swinson is quoted as saying:  
“Excessive airbrushing and digital manipulation techniques have become the norm, but both Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts are naturally beautiful women who don't need retouching to look great.
This ban sends a powerful message to advertisers - let's get back to reality."
It’s high time for the beauty industry to ditch excessive post production and feature more honest imagery in their ad campaigns.
Because, surely now, we’re worth it.  

26 July 2011

Review of Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

So enough with the soppy stuff and the reviews of men’s products and back to what I like best; talking about women’s cosmetics. And today, I want to show you my new favourite thing, the product I don’t want to live without, that’s put a spring in my step – and in my hair, an’ all…

…Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil.
I’ve been planning to invest in a hair oil for a while but this was still a bit of a random splurge. My friend Joanne has been using the Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Oil which has made a noticeable difference to her hair. It’s pricey but I was planning to invest (it’s on my wish list here) when, being the fickle creature I am, I let my new hairdresser talk me into the even pricier Shu Uemura one, instead.
 I’ll give you the bad news first: this cost me €53 for 150 ml. I told you it was pricey. I blame a combination of sun-and-chlorine damaged locks, a charming hairdresser and the buzz you get after a really good haircut (Kazumi on Molesworth Street, if you’re wondering – a tip from makeup artist Sarah Lanagan. Thanks Sarah!).
I’ve been using this for nearly three weeks now. Before, my hair was frazzled, dull and prone to breakage. Now, it’s shiny and soft without looking fluffy or feeling weighed down. It feels nourished and looks much, much healthier. But is it?

After reading
this post on beaut.ie about silicones in hair oils, I googled the ingredients list for Essence Absolue and yup, the first two listed are indeed those controversial 'cones, which coat the hair to make it look shiny and smooth. If you’re not sure where you stand on the subject of silicones, you might find it useful to read this post on The Beauty Brains, a really useful site run by a group of cosmetic scientists who understand and explain what the chemicals used in beauty products actually do.
The third ingredient is camellia oil – used for centuries by Japanese geishas to smooth and condition their hair. The brand credits this ingredient with protecting the hair fibre against dryness, frizz and UV damage. But how much of the difference is down to the cosmetic effect of the silicones, and how much to the conditioning effect of the camellia oil, is hard to say.

In my own case, I’m just happy there’s a difference at all. I love how my hair looks and feels when I use this and that’s good enough for me. This is the first Shu Uemura product I’ve tried and I’m impressed: I like the packaging, especially the handy pump applicator, and it smells delicious (the camellia again). You can use this before shampooing or as a leave-in product and so far I’ve only tried the latter, using about 2-3 pumps (a little more than the recommended 1-2) on my collar-bone length hair.

I’ve already said it’s expensive. So would I repurchase? Absolutely. If you have dry, damaged hair that you want to bring back to life, then for the results delivered, I consider this a most worthwhile investment.

25 July 2011

Two Years Ago Today...

...was truly magical, surrounded by family and friends and lots and lots of love. Happy anniversary, Mr Fluff.

22 July 2011

Amazing Cheryl Cole makeup tutorial from Pixiwoo!

I just watched this fabulous Pixiwoo makeup tutorial in my lunch-hour and I had to share; it's such a beautiful look. I've often admired Chezza's black and gold smokey eyes, it's a look she wears a lot and it always seems expensive and luxurious. And recreating this look gives me yet another reason to pick up the Urban Decay Naked Palette, next time I fly Ryanair...

Win! Clarins Men Skincare Set [Now closed]

Products from the Clarins Men range, at the launch (note: these are not the products in the giveaway)

Well! Never let it be said that Fluff and Fripperies is not an equal opportunities giver-awayer, because today, dear readers, we have something very special for the menfolk to win. Or, y'know, for the womenfolk to win and present to the menfolk. Yes, yes, enough with the folk, I quite agree. So Mr Fluff and I (along with the Fade Street crew, the excitement!) were present at the Clarins Men event on Wednesday night, which saw the introduction of the Super Moisture Gel and Balm and the reintroduction of the other products in this complete skincare range. Products fall under six categories: Wash, Shave, Hydrate, Age Control, SOS Express and Body - some very interesting offerings in this latter category, I might add, like an ab firming gel and an all-over body moisturising spray (both pictured above). I'm not quite convinced that your average Irish male is sufficiently committed to his grooming regime to incorporate either of these just yet.

But you can put that to the test because I have a 30ml tube of the gel to give away as part of the contents of today's prize, a navy mesh toiletries bag containing the following products from the Clarins Mens range:

Smooth Shave Foaming Gel, 50ml: "This alcohol-free foaming gel ensures a close shave each time. Helps razor glide easily over skin. Provides optimal protection against nicks and cuts. Ensures smooth, confortable skin."

Moisture Balm, 12ml: "A non-oily, hydrating balm. Helps comfort and firm skin on contact. Protects against pollution. Apply after shaving to soothe discomfort."

Line Control Balm, 12ml: "A revitalizing balm that reduces the appearance of wrinklesand deep lines from skin and helps improve 'sagging' around the chin."

Ab Firming Body Toning Gel, 30ml: "This fresh, highly effective gel helps to speed up the release of excess fat on the stomach and waist. Quickly absorbed, it helps firm the abdominal area, redefine the body and tone skin."

To enter, just leave a comment below and the winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday. Have at it!

Oh and while you're here, why not check out Mr Fluff's review of the Super Moisture Gel, or enter my other open giveaway?

21 July 2011

Guest Post from Mr Fluff: Review of Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel

Best Skincare for Men Reviewed by Mr Fluff
Mr Fluff
So, in honour of the Clarins men’s range relaunch I’ve been asked to offer up to the readers of Fluff and Fripperies my expert opinion on one of their products, the Super Moisture Gel.

I must warn you however that I’m actually no expert when it comes to grooming products, despite what you might have heard from herself.  A favourite tale she likes to recite in company is of the time, many moons ago, when we were but fresh faced teenagers with no need for moisturising, she found me preparing to go out on a summer’s day by applying some factor seven sunscreen.  Although not normally one to take pleasure in another’s misfortune I will never forget her tears of laughter as she gleefully informed me that it was in fact my mother’s Boots Number Seven foundation!

But I’m much wiser now you’ll be glad to know and you’ll just have to take my word for it that I’m not sitting here with haemorrhoid cream plastered all over my face (although I’m led to believe that this is in fact a popular past-time of supermodels, who’d have thunk it?).

Right, moisturiser!  To be quite honest I generally take what I’m given in this regard with the giving normally being done at Christmas and birthdays.  I’m also prescribed a dermatological one which since it’s free, and I’m guessing is effective in its basic function, I’m more than happy with.  Brands at the lower end of the price range I’ve tried would include Nivea (too runny), Sanex (too thick) and L’Oreal (just about right).  Of the more expensive ones I’ve had Clinique (nothing special), Hugo Boss (really nice if you like the smell of Boss aftershave) and Lancôme (my all time favourite).

I should point out that I only ever use moisturiser after shaving and I don’t use any of the other fancy products that can be used in conjunction such as Clarins Skin Difference and Clarins After Shave Energiser both of which I’ve just noticed I appear to own and will perhaps have to review some other day.

Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel
Clarins have relaunched their Super Moisture Gel and Balm for Men, in new formulations
But back to the task in hand, the Super Moisture Gel.  The first thing you’ll notice is that, like all the men’s Clarins products, it’s a pleasant light blue colour.  As most moisturisers in the world are white this might bother you I suppose but personally I don’t mind and I’m happy to run the risk of smurfimacation. 

What is a slightly more serious matter of taste is that the gel is quite strongly perfumed.  Now I find it to be a nice, clean, refreshing sort of smell but if you plan on wearing a light scent (that wasn’t Clarins own brand) at the same time you’d be a bit concerned about the two fragrances combining into something awful.  I’m not saying they would but the moisturiser itself could be considered to be enough on its own.

As for the texture for me it’s just right, not so runny it drips off your hands but not so thick it’s like putting on polyfilla.  It’s easy to apply and absorbs into your skin quickly while not leaving it feeling at all greasy.  I have quite sensitive skin but using this product left me without any razor burn or dry patches and my face felt good all day. 

Editor: Bison grass was actually selected for its energising properties!
So I’d definitely recommend this product for using post shave however as to why they have bison grass in it and whether their claims that it ‘protects against pollution’ are true I’ll just have to leave to you  dear readers to decide.  I did tell you I wasn’t an expert!

20 July 2011

Win! One of 5 sets of NYC nail polish in Starry Silver Glitter and Pier 17 [Now closed]

New York Colour have generated a lot of beauty buzz since they burst onto the Irish market with a riotous, colourful bang. Available from chemists nationwide, this trend-led brand promises 'big city looks at small prices', with no product in the range costing more than €3.99. I brought their Liquid Lipshine in Fashion Avenue Fuchsia with me on holiday this year and it didn't disappoint, delivering high shine and glossy colour to beat the band. Now you can find out what the fuss is about by winning one of FIVE sets of two NYC nail colours, in Starry Silver Glitter and Pier 17.

Colour swatches from the NYC website
Starry Silver Glitter is a clear polish with fine silver glitter and larger, hexagonal chunks of purple, blue and turquoise. It's part of NYC's Long Wearing Nail Enamel range. Pier 17 is a Quick Dry Nail Polish and a vibrant, electric blue shimmer.

Wear both alone, layer Starry Silver Glitter over Pier 17 or try out an 'insider's tip' from the NYC website and opt for a french manicure with a twist: an electric blue base with a sparkly tip.

To enter, just leave a comment below to let me know your current favourite polish, and why. The five winners will be selected with random.org in a week's time. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

19 July 2011

Review of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer*: Meh

I’ve wanted to try this product for so, so long. Along with Laura Mercier’s primer and secret camouflage concealer, the tinted moisturiser has achieved cult status and is the subject of enough rave reviews to wallpaper my entire apartment block.  
I always bring a tinted moisturiser on holiday with me and this year, after reading yet another rave review, I resolved to take the hit to my holiday budget by shelling out a massive €48 for the Laura Mercier version.
As you probably guessed from the title of this post, I really wish I hadn’t bothered.  There is nothing wrong with this product: it functions as a perfectly effective tinted moisturiser and imparts a smidgeon of coverage along with a healthy glow. But they all do that, and I’m really struggling to see why this merits such an enormous price tag.
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer blobbed (left) and blended (right).
It’s a little trickier to blend out than other tinted moisturisers I’ve tried, but this could be down to the oil free formula. I went in for the regular, but was advised to take the oil free on holiday, for shine control. I still ended up shiny, and since I’ve been home, I’ve been using a thin layer of powder on top.
I am enjoying the weightless, makeup-free feeling and I’m going to keep using this throughout the summer, interchanged with my Clarins Skin Illusion when I need a little more help. But I won’t be repurchasing, not when there are so many other amazing sounding products on the market for a fraction of the price.
This weekend I tried out a sample of Clinique’s Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser, which at €28 is a good twenty quid cheaper than Laura Mercier’s offering.  It provides great coverage for a tint, and comes with SPF 15 and a choice of 6 shades.
And fellow Liz Earle fans will be delighted to learn that this September, the brand will be taking their first steps into Liz Earle Colour with the launch of the first Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (also with SPF 15). I don’t know yet how much the product will cost, but if you want to be among to first to find out, you can sign up for updates here.
*Look, I don’t like the American spelling any more than you do, but that’s just what it says on the tube…

18 July 2011

Crazy ‘Bout Catrice: Mini Haul and NOTD in Welcome To The Jungle

I am physically incapable of passing my local chemist without popping in for a little somethin’ somethin’ from my favourite budget beauty brand, Catrice – and this weekend was no exception.
Having admired the hot pink NARS lippie that the super-stylish Rosemary MacCabe was sporting on Friday evening, I was immediately drawn to this Ultimate Colour lipstick in #110, Pink Me Up. At just under three euro, you could almost get 10 of these babies for the price of one, admittedly lovely, bullet of NARS.

I also snapped up this liquid eyeliner in black for just under €4, seduced by the ‘innovative felt tip for precise application' along with the quirky name, 'Dating Joe Black'.

Swatches of Pink Me Up and Dating Joe Black 

But my star purchase was definitely the beautiful nail colour I’m wearing today. Part of this summer’s Papagena collection, Welcome To The Jungle is a rich, glossy olive with gold shimmer that set me back a teeny tiny €2.79. For a polish this pretty and this easy to apply, I would easily pay five times that amount. But I’m delighted I don’t have to J

This is an absolutely stunning shade which, while much darker and nowhere near a dupe, still reminded me of Chanel’s latest must-have shade, the green-gold and much coveted Peridot.
I used two coats and finished with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri top coat for a super shiny, perfectly opaque finish.

What about you, what's your favourite budget beauty brand?
And did you make any beauty buys this weekend?

15 July 2011

Fluffy Little Pick Of The Week: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen, and NOTD

As a sufferer from painful hangnails I was interested to learn that these can be prevented by giving your cuticles a bit of TLC from time to time. Now that sounds simple, doesn’t it, but actually working this into a daily or weekly routine is a little bit more complicated than that. I keep nail and hand-care products beside my bed, on my living room table and in my bathroom, but it wasn’t till I was sent this handy little Sally Hansen pen that I managed to reform my shameful cuticle-neglecting ways. I carry it about in my handbag and something about it, whether it’s the convenience factor, the shiny pink packaging or the fact that it smells like marzipan, but something ensures that I remember it’s there and make sure to apply it regularly.

You just whip off the cap, twist the base to wet the brush and brush it onto your cuticles and nails. Simples!

The Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen costs €5.95 and is available from selected pharmacies, department stores and grocery stores nationwide.
What do you think? Tried it? Love it?
Any other products you use and would recommend to help my poor dried out nails and paws?

And I’ll leave you with this NOTD – this is the brilliant Bourjois bargain I told you about earlier this week. Ridiculously easy to apply (thanks to the lovely wide brush) and a gorgeous gunmetal grey that I got about 3 days wear out of with no topcoat.

14 July 2011

Clarins Autumn 2011 Lipsticks: Rouge Prodige and Joli Rouge Review and Swatches

The Universe giveth and the Universe taketh away alright: on the very morning that I tearfully retired my beloved tube of soon-to-be-discontinued* Wonder Perfect mascara from Clarins, I received an unexpected and delightful parcel of joy from the brand. Now as I’ve said a time or two before, I absolutely love Clarins and my bathroom shelves are never without a selection of products from this French beauty powerhouse. [*Stop press! Wonderful news! Wonder Perfect is not, repeat NOT being discontinued. This news has genuinely lightened my heart - I love the stuff.]

That's Joli Rouge in the centre of the two pics on the bottom row, flanked by the two bullets of  Rouge Prodige

I was sent two of the three new Rouge Prodige colours to try out, in Creamy toffee and Peach Sorbet, along with one of the two new Joli Rouge shades in Fig. (Joli Rouge will also be available in Grenadine, and the final Rouge Prodige shade will be Rose Coral.)

Joli Rouge in Fig, centre, with Peach sorbet back left and Creamy toffee, back right

Rouge Prodige was launched last year and I’m a big fan of the sleek, elegant gold tube. This is Clarins long-wear lipstick, promising “rich colour, stunning shine and long-lasting comfort.” I’m wearing Creamy toffee right now and it really lives up to its name: it’s creamy in colour and consistency, has quite a rich, thick texture, feels nourishing and smells great, too (alas, not of toffee, but of a light, fruity scent). I’ve been lusting after this shade since Kirstie told us over on beaut.ie that the man they call Handsome Claude described it as the perfect nude.  He wasn’t wrong.

Peach sorbet on the left; Creamy toffee on the right

Creamy toffee: the 'perfect nude'

Joli Rouge, by contrast, comes in a silver bullet and has a light, smooth texture that delivers a shiny glossy colour. It also has a lovely fruity smell and it tastes good, too.

Joli Rouge in Fig

L-R: Rouge Prodige in Creamy toffee; Joli Rouge in Fig; Rouge Prodige in Peach Sorbet

While Creamy toffee is my favourite, to be honest I am loving all three: they are pretty, wearable shades that would be good staples in any woman’s makeup bag. They’re really well priced at €20 each and I’m planning to pick up Rose Coral when it’s out in August, too.

What do you think, will you be adding any of the Rouge Prodige or Joli Rouge lippies to your collection? Tell me in the comments!

13 July 2011

Magazine freebies a-go-go

Wowsa. This summer we’ve seen a bumper crop of beautilicious magazine freebies coming our way. The obscure chick-lit paperbacks, teeny tiny vest-tops and flimsy carry-all bags of previous years have, mostly, been conspicuous in their absence and instead, the fashion mags have been really treating us with gorgeous beauty products that we – gasp! – actually want to own. As I rummaged through my make up bag yesterday I was amazed by how much free loot I’ve picked up in the last month or so. Check out my stash!

Here’s what I got and where I got it:

August InStyle magazine: I opted for these two eye definers from The Body Shop in Black and French Navy, but there was also a mascara on offer. I do read InStyle on occasion but I would have skipped this issue without the freebies because Nicole Scherzinger bores me and so does this particular cover.

July issue of Red magazine: I was tempted to buy 3 copies of the mag to snap up the coral, pinkish nude and red glosses on offer from Jemma Kidd, but with heroic willpower (and less than heroic purse contents), I restrained myself and just picked up the limited edition red, created just for this giveaway. I’m big-time impressed with the gloss and with the magazine - Red is my new favourite montly read. Thanks to Kirstie from the amazeballs beaut.ie for the recommendation!

August issue of Marie Claire: I picked up this free Ciaté lipgloss in the nude shade, St Barts – it was also available in Ibiza, a hot pink. I’ve only worn this once but it was quite thick and I wasn’t overly impressed; if I’d paid the advertised £9 value (or the euro equivalent) I would be quite disappointed.

July issue of Glamour: Glamour do good giveaways and this one was no exception, a free mini sized High Beam, Benetint or Posietint from Benefit were all on offer. I went for Posietint but it’s a choice I regret it because it’s almost invisible on my cheeks, especially with a tan. I’m a fan of both the other products though (and on a side note, cannot wait to try out Cha Cha tint).

Have you scored any fab freebies of late?

Whoop! Schwarzkopf Professional expand the OSiS range!

As a recent convert to Schwarzkopf haircare and having witnessed first-hand the wonders of OSiS dust it powder on my friend Sonya’s locks (the product is now firmly on my wish list), I was excited to hear that Schwarzkopf Professional is expanding the OSiS styling range.  I may even have let out a little involuntary squeal. Y'see, the new range contains about a gazillion new products as well as some cult classics (like Dust It) with really unique formulations and consistencies that promise maximum creativity in creating your look.

The range is divided into three categories: STYLE for application to wet hair, TEXTURE to define your style and FINISH to complete your look, and with four control levels from light to ultra-strong.

I don’t yet know when or where this will be available in Ireland but I’m hoping stockists of Dust It and other Schwarzkopf products will soon be stocking the extended range.  Current stockists include salons, sites like thehairandbeautycompany.ie and Drury Supplies on Drury Street.

Here's the lowdown on the new range (told you there's a gazillion products!). I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the ‘rebodyfing’ powder-to-spray, Refresh Dust – but what about you? Are you a Schwarzkopf fan and is anything calling your name?

  • NEW PUMP MY CURLS (£11.05/€14.50, 120ml) – the 1st pump spray that transforms into a workable wonder cream to tame the most rebellious, partied out curls - perfect for recreating that laidback, boho vibe. Hair will be left velvety soft and touchable with a feathery, weightless finish and super curl definition so you can rock out in style.
  • NEW BODY ME (£11.60 / €14.50, 150ml) – this innovative serum delivers up to 100% more volume to give hair that fuller feeling with natural movement and super smoothness
  • NEW SOFT N’ STRAIGHT (£11.05 / €14.50, 150ml) – the smooth, silky consistency of this straightening emulsion creates feathery lightweight hair, preventing split ends and hair breakage for super sleek tresses
  • NEW CURL ME SOFT (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – a rich, velvety cream that gives curl control without stiffness or stickiness for incredible, natural looking bounce and smooth curl definition
  • NEW HOLD MIRACLE (£9.25 / €11.50, 200ml) – easily brushed out, this especially strong cream mousse won’t leave tresses overloaded or sticky. It protects against heat damage, humidity and flyaway hairs
  • HAIRBODY (£9.70 / €11.50, 200ml) – this natural hold styling spray smoothes the hair surface for an anti-static effect and tangle free combability
  • UPLOAD (£11.60 / €14.50, 200ml) – a gentle conditioning cream that injects hair with instant lightweight volume and body
  • FLATLINER (£11.60 /€14.50 , 200ml) – with 200°C heat proof ingredients and humidity protection this flattening iron serum allows you to achieve long lasting, sleek and glossy locks
  • TWIN CURL (£11.05 / €13.00, 125ml) – a 2-phase curl cream, the gel separates each curl and adds bounce whilst the cream phase smoothes and conditions frizzy curls and waves
  • GRIP (£9.70 / €11.50, 200ml) – a strong hold styling mousse that gives full on style support, long lasting hold and natural shine


  • NEW RERESH DUST (£11.60/€14.50, 100ml) – The 1st OSiS powder-to-spray giving incredible body back to lacklustre hair. This innovative re-bodyfying spray is a must have to achieve hair that looks freshly washed and styled.
  • NEW FLEXWAX (£9.70 / €11.50, 50ml) – the first cream wax that has endless re-mouldability for unlimited style possibilities! Giving superb texture and separation and a non greasy, shine finish
  • NEW GELASTIC (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – a super firm flex gel which allows minutes of flexibility to mould your style before setting
  • DUST IT 24h (£12.30 / €15.00, 10g) – a mattifying, texturising powder which gives incredible root volume – the more you apply the more control you get!
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION BUFF (£12.30 / €15.00, 150ml) – an ultra light styling cream that gives feathery light definition, smoothness and natural shine
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION MESS UP (£12.30 / €15.00, 100ml) – an extremely matt texture and shaping paste, perfect for creating choppy, messy looks
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION THRILL (£12.30 / €15.00, 100ml) – a texturising gum containing elastic fibres for bendable, mouldable and shapely hair
  • SHAPE (£9.70 / €11.50, 50ml) – the smoothest stick of soft wax for sleek texture, glossy shine and light definition
  • 4-PLAY (£11.60 / €14.50, 150ml) – this mouldable, texturising cream allows you to rework your style at any time, giving hair a natural shine and finish
  • G.FORCE (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – this strong hold styling gel gives long lasting definition, hold and great shine
  • ROCK-HARD (£12.30 / €14.50, 150ml) – get creative with this strong hold styling glue, easy to work in and wash out, it will give long lasting control all day

  • NEW SHINE DUSTER (£11.60/ €14.50, 15g) – an innovative shine powder that transforms into a creamy fluid when rubbed into hands leaving hair glossy and shimmering
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION ELASTIC (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – a hairspray that protects from external influences whilst giving flexible hold for gorgeous tresses that you’ll want to touch
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION FREEZE (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – as the name suggests this hairspray instantly freezes hair, giving strong hold, control and protecting from external influences
  • IMPROVED FORMULATION FREEZE PUMP (£9.70 / €11.00, 200ml) – a strong hold pump spray that delivers an ultra fine mist when sprayed onto hair, ideal for styling after application
  • MAGIC GLOSS (£12.30 / €15.00, 50ml) – this essential serum eliminates frizz and gives hair super shine, weightless hold and separation
  • SPARKLER (£11.60 / €14.50, 300ml) – for instant shine and sparkle this spray also acts as a detangling aid by conditioning locks
  • GLAMOUR QUEEN (£9.70 / €11.50, 250ml) – an H2O free volumising hairspray designed for creating glamorous and volumised styles. The innovative trigger action delivers body directly to the area targeted whether at the root or all over
  • SESSION (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – a firm favourite with stylists backstage, this hairspray gives ultimate hold and control

12 July 2011

Bargain Alert! Budget Bourjois haul, with swatches

Bourjois haul! Pics taken by moi with a borrowed SLR

Little round pots
 I had some time to kill while waiting for a friend on George’s Street last night, so I popped into Medipharm pharmacy where, in a shiny happy twist of fate, they just so happen to be having a fabulous little makeup sale. All Bourjois products are currently only €3 and there’s a great selection of little round pots, mostly eyeshadow but some blusher too, along with coloured eyeliners, nail polish, some mascara and the palest and darkest shades of their Bio Detox Organic roller-ball concealer. Bourjois relaunched their little round pots at the start of the year and these ain’t them, but for the price, who’s complaining?
Here’s what I picked up.

Bourjois blush in #33 Lilas D'or (above)
I was delighted to spot this as I’ve read a wee bit about this product lately and how it’s achieving cult status as a Nars Orgasm dupe. It’s a peachy pink with gold shimmer – I don’t go for shimmery blusher as a general rule so I’m interested to see how I get on with this one.

#08 Beige Rose eyeshadow (above)
Another stroke of luck here as I was on the lookout for a shimmery champagne shade as a highlighter, for the inner corners of my eyes and as a base colour.

#14 Gris Delicat eyeshadow (above)
Grey eyeshadow is a staple of my makeup kit and this one is a lovely medium shade; not too intense for everyday use.  

1 Seconde Innovation nail polish in #28 (above)
Wow. Just, wow. This is like the nail polish version of gris delicat, a gorgeous shimmery grey with an amazing brush – similar to my beloved Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I am rubbish at doing my nails but I threw this on first thing this morning and in a matter of seconds had a very passable DIY mani going on.  So, so, so, so good.
Want to see some swatches?
L-R Gris Delicat, Lilas D'Or, Beige Rose
That little lot set me back a mere €12 all in, so if you’re around Dublin today and you like a birra Bourjois, make sure you pop into Medipharm Pharmacy on George’s Street to stock up. Tell me how you got on!

Seven Summer Shades for fingers and toes

Camera still out of action so please pretend to be distracted from crappy camera phone pic with these glittery text boxes! Click on the image to get the full sparkly benefit :)
I’ve enjoyed these posts on other blogs so I wanted to show you this year's favourite summer nail colours. Now, I can’t exactly remember how much each of these cost so I’m going to give you a rough guide where € is under a fiver, €€ is under a tenner, €€€ under twenty and €€€€ is twenty euro plus.
L-R: Sally Hansen, Chanel, Boots 17
Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in #550, All Fired Up: These fuss-free polishes are my new favourite range and this bright orange/red shade has just edged out Rimmel’s Dancing Queen as my all-time favourite red. It’s just the perfect shade to add a pop of colour to your day and it looks stunning on short nails. €€
Chanel Le Vernis in #495, Mica Rose: This soft sheer peachy pink looks best in sunlight when the subtle flecks of silver, pink and blue/green shimmer really sparkle. Originally part of 2009's Celestial Lights collection (and now part of the permanent Le Vernis range), this looks best worn sheer: 1-2 coats will suffice, and unlike other Chanel polishes in my collection, it applies and wears like a dream. €€€€
Boots No 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Sherbet Lemon: Like all the pastel shades I've tried, this goes on a little streaky and chalky at first, but a fourth coat sorted that out. I know four coats is a lot, but once it’s on you have a really lovely lemon creme that, to me, offers a more wearable take on the yellow trend. You can see it on my fingers here.
L-R Catrice, Nails Inc, Barry M, NYC (New York Colour)
Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer Blue Cara Ciao: This was the first Catrice polish in my collection; I picked it up in April and was delighted with the colour, formula and price so I’ve snapped up several more since then. Two coats gets it to a perfect opacity and the medium blue shade is really pretty and unusual.
Nails Inc in Shoreditch: This glossy hot pink was a magazine freebie and, like Candy Orange, is a vibrant, cheerful colour that looks great with a tan. Goes on well in two coats. €€€ (when they’re not free with a magazine which, I think, all of my Nails Inc polishes actually were!)
Barry M Nail Paint in 296 Coral: Another great all-round performer: two coats is enough for a glossy finish that lasts longer than average on my unfriendly-to-manicure fingers. The bright coral colour garners lots of compliments and, given how much I love this polish, it astounds me that it’s the only Barry M I own. For now.  
NYC expert last nail polish in Oh SoHo Sweet: I’m always on the look-out for the perfect pale ballerina pink polish. It's harder than you'd think;  I've spent more than I care to remember buying high-end designer products that are invisible, go on streaky and/or too opaque. For just a couple of euro this is as good as any pricier versions I’ve found; needs 2-3 coats to give a pretty, semi-sheer finish.

So that's what I'm loving right now - just let me know if you’d like a NOTD post on any of the above. And what about you, what are your go-to summer shades?