06 June 2011

Yes, Nicola Roberts, I *will* dance to the beat of your drum...

…and so will a hell of a lot of other people, I’ll wager.

Never a Girls Aloud fan, I have a soft spot for Nicola Roberts nonetheless. There’s the fashion thing of course, and her business smarts with successful make-up line Dainty Doll, and the way she shed that permatanned girl band look to not only embrace her naturally pale skin but to speak out against the dangers of tanning. Being an eyebrow fanatic, I also love her increasingly fuller face framers, too. Nicola took a lot of abuse in the early days of Girls Aloud – being dubbed the ugly one, the ginger one – but didn’t let it stop her, emerging as a strong, successful, talented and yes, sexy, woman in her own right.

So I really hope her new single, Beat of My Drum, is a smash hit for her. Released yesterday from her forthcoming album Cinderella’s Eyes, the track is produced by Diplo and has drawn comparisons with MIA. The album has also been contributed to by Dimitri from Paris, a favourite of mine, along with Dragonette and Metronomy - so I'm expecting good things. 

I'm rooting for her even more now I've heard the clearly autobiographical lyrics to Beat of My Drum:

Once upon a time I pressed rewind
Two left feet, I had no beat
Baby in the corner learning quick
Keep up, keep up, keep up
Graduation take a bow
See how strong you’ve made me now
Two steppin’ all over me, then cha cha cha cha I’m in!
Oh don’t it make your heart go wow
Oh how I’ve turned this whole thing round

And you know what? It really does. Make my heart go wow, that is. Fair play to you, girl. From now on, nobody puts Baby in the corner.

But now the all important question: what do you think of the track itself? Tell me what you make of it in the comments...


ArtDonatella said...

Oh I love Nicola! She's a star :). However, as much as I DO want her to have a massive success with her solo album, this song while great in concept, doesn't do it for me, sadly. I dislike the L-O-V-E bit a lot (in a cannot stand it way), and it's very cheesy- to my ears at least! But I do love her uniqueness, fingers crossed everyone else loves this song though!


Simone G said...

I am in LOVE with her hair. Also, Porcelain Heart is a fab song.

fluff and fripperies said...

I can't stop listening to this! I love everything about it, the song, the way she looks, the cheeky playful attitude...can't wait for the album!

Janie said...

Great song - Nicola rules! So much cooler and more genuine than Cheryl or Nadine's commercial warblings

Sarah Lanagan said...

It's a great song! Only heard it one and I can tell it's going to be a massive hit this summer! Also, it's great to see she's not gone doen the route of hidin behind a load of costume make-up and clothing, so there's a really cool low key vibe to the video.

Miss Educator said...

I think I may be loving this song....