08 June 2011

Top Ten Tips for Beautiful Brows and Win! A Threading Session and Consultation at Elysian Brows

Libby Ryan, salon owner at Elysian Brows on Dawson Street, Dublin 2
I’m still delighted with the results of my recent visit to Elysian Brows, and now you can experience the effects for yourself as salon owner, Libby Ryan, is offering one lucky reader of fluff and fripperies a FREE consultation and threading session at her plush Dawson Street premises. To win, you just need to be a fan of fluff and fripperies on Facebook and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the Facebook page on Monday, 27th June (when I get back from holiday!).

Libby is also sharing her considerable brow know-how here, with her top 1o tips for beautiful brows:

“They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  If this is true, we should remember that the eyebrows frame the face and when shaped correctly can enhance our appearance.  Some say it is the closest to a facelift without the surgery.  At Elysian Brows we believe that everyone has a unique brow structure and we strive to create perfectly groomed, defined brows with precision.  Here are our Top Ten Tips...

1.       Cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly, especially around the eyebrows, to prevent blocked pores and maintain a healthy looking brow shape.  Never back-brush your brows as it could damage the hair follicle and some may fall out, especially if your brows are sparse to begin with.

2.      Always avoid your brows when applying foundation. Apart from not being pleasing on the eye, it’s tricky to remove and dries into the hairs, which can cause a build-up of bacteria.

3.      Don’t over-pluck.  Once a week tidy the obvious strays.  When plucking your brows yourself always use a good quality stainless steel tweezers; slanted ones work best for getting the short hairs.

4.      Never use wax on your brows, as it can cause saggy, toughened skin and droopy eyelids.  The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so needs to be protected.  Waxing can cause irritation, inflammation and the occasional ingrown hair.  Methods like threading are far kinder than using hot wax on such delicate skin.

5.      Let your brows breathe once in a while.  Try not to pluck for a month or so: not as easy as it sounds but it does them the world of good to grow them out every now and again.  

6.      The summer is a great time to let your brows grow as Vitamin D helps strengthen and stimulate the hair follicles.

7.      When maintaining brows at home, only pluck one hair at a time, in the direction it should be growing in.  Stretch the skin and grab each hair at the base, ensuring you pull the root also.

8.     Never pluck above the brow.  Threading is the only safe and recommended method above the brow as tweezing or waxing those finer hairs can snap and break the hair causing the follicle to split and separate which can lead to split, ingrown or darkened hairs.

9.      Massage the brow area with deep circular movements to stimulate the follicle to grow. This also aids with facial muscle tone.

10.  Always consult a brow specialist before you even consider tattooing your eyebrows.  Expert advice is essential as there are so many options, good AND bad.  The bad can leave you looking permanently shocked or with unsightly and uneven brows which can take years to fade.”

There are some great tips here: personally, I’m going to try and let my brows grow out a little while I’m (hopefully) sunning myself in Italy next week. What about you, any advice here that you weren’t aware of or will be trying out for yourself?
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